A Quick roast dinner with Tesco


Who doesn’t love a roast dinner? We certainly do in this house though they’re few and far between! This weekend though we decided to start a new family tradition and from now on once a month we’re going to have a proper Sunday Lunch and a snack tea whilst watching a film together. At the moment Athena is still being a picky eater, and Arlo mostly throws his food around but both Sam and I love roast dinners, and even though we can be spoilt for choice with the vast number of pubs that serve a roast dinner in Brighton you really can’t beat sitting at your own dinner table in your own home, with your own sofa to chill out on afterwards!


Tesco challenged me to see if I could cook a quick roast dinner in an hour, and time being of the essence these days with two small children to entertain I willingly agreed! I didn’t quite manage it, but it was only ten minutes after! I perused the roast recipes on the Tesco Food website and settled on chicken with the trimmings!

I chose to do a few things differently than my normal roast-routine to save some time

  • Chose to roast a chicken crown rather than a whole bird, resting it on onions in the dish
  • Used new potatoes with the skin on instead of roasting
  • Microwaved pre-diced carrot and swede to make mash
  • Didn’t peel the Parsnips

As you can see I also didn’t do any green veg that needed boiling, so everything could go in the cooker more or less at once and be ready around the same time! I am always a bit overly cautious with chicken so probably could have got it out at exactly an hour but as I was going to be feeding a toddler and a baby with it I wanted to make sure it was done really well. I set the timer off when I started, and I really was plating up after it went off, and making the gravy as I forgot to do it earlier! My new mini roasties were actually pretty darn tasty too, not as crispy as proper big ones but definitely delicious!

tesco roast

 Tesco is helping the great British public to make the most of family time at home with recipes and tips for creating the perfect Sunday roast. For more tasty Sunday roast recipes and top tips visit realfood.tesco.com.


Tesco provided us with the means to create and cook this delicious roast, thank you!


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  1. What can be better than a hot delicious roast dinner! This looks delicious and great with the addition of parsnips. I always forget how good they are.

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