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As part of the Bahlsen Book Club I love having a new book to read every month that requires no choosing on my behalf. It’s normally only ever on holiday when I run out of books and attack the hotels shelf of ‘left behind books’ for the only English ones that this ever happens, normally I dither and faff over my choice and put too much thought into it. Also, not only do I get a great book to read, I get to scoff some delicious biscuits whilst i’m at it! Win win!

Here’s my round up of the last few book club books, and i’ll hopefully have another post soonish on other things i’ve been reading recently too!

A Single Breath – Lucy Clarke 4/5

Set in both England and Australia the story follows the tale of Eva who has tragically lost her husband at sea. In a bid to connect with his family and discover more about him she heads down under to Tasmania to meet people who can help her fit the pieces together. She meets up with missing husbands brother who helps her start to piece together some of the mystery and work out the truth about her husband,  however a dramatic turn of events throws her life into turmoil.

I guess you could call this a ‘marriage thriller’, a coin termed by The Guardian. It’s not quite as tense as novels like Gone Girl for instance, but it’s definitely a page turner! Eva as a character is completely believable, and goes through some pretty nasty experiences. The descriptions of the scenery and the underwater life during the diving scenes is captivating too.

Me without You – Kelly Rimmer 4/5

Another novel set in Australia, and in a nutshell an unlikely couple meet, fall in love and then split at her insistence. But it’s so much more than that, the reason why Lilah ends the relationship with Callum is a reason that would be everyone’s nightmare, but the issue is dealt with with sensitivity and just the right amount of humour to take the edge off. The story is from the point of view of both lead characters, with a brilliant assortment of ‘supporting’ roles.

It’s so hard to write much without letting the plot out of the bag, but this book is the sort of book that you finish and then sit quietly in contemplation for five minutes afterwards, thinking about how you would react in the same situation. If you liked One Day and Me before You you’ll definitely enjoy this, although enjoy may not be the right word.

The Teashop on the Corner – Milly Johnson 3/5

A nice chunky novel that I somehow sped through in two days, and it still seemed like it was over in a flash! This is the first book by Milly Johnson I’ve read, and probably won’t be the last! I’m so impressed with how she managed to get all the characters personalities and backgrounds across without being overwhelming. Often when i’m reading a book with a few interwoven characters I have to flick back to where they were introduced to jog my memory but that didn’t happen here!

You have a woman who discovers her widow wasn’t quite what he seemed, a man who’s wife left him as soon as the money disappeared, a lovely old lady who deserves better than she’s got and a few more too! The story centres around a literary themed tea shop, and the characters pop in and out and we find out more about their story. I really admire the way everything is tied up at the end, but you’re still thinking about the characters once the book is over! Definitely recommend, but it might leave you wanting to read a few classics too!

What have you been reading recently? Please leave some recommendations for me, I’m currently on holiday working through my kindle! You can see what else I’ve been reading on my Goodreads profile.

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