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Book reviews of some of the books I read in July & August! Click for other book related posts.

Firstly I read three John Green novels in the space of ten days. I regret this course of action now because I have discovered a more than vague similarity in plot line in the three that I read, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherine’s:

Geeky boy has nobody but a couple of other geeky boy friends. Geeky boy meets cool unattainable girl who is cooler than you can ever imagine. They get friendly and have a magical experience. She disappears. He yearns for her and goes on an emotional and sometimes physical journey to find her (admittedly with varying outcomes).

Okay, please don’t get me wrong here, I did actually enjoy them and found them to be page turners (Well, button pushers as I read them on my kindle) and I think if I had spaced them out more I wouldn’t be so dismissive. Or maybe at 30 I’m too old for youthful teen yearnings and overly egotistical characters. Who knows. I’d read The fault in our stars a long time ago and didn’t find it as corny, but I will read his other books but not for a few months now!

Richard C.Morais – The Hundred-Foot Journey  (review copy)

A novel that takes you from the heart of India to Paris, with a few stops in between. We follow the story of Hassan and his family and his journey to become a successful chef in Paris. Packed full of descriptions that delight the senses I felt hungry on more than one occasion! Alongside the food descriptions Morais also has a way with words when it comes to describing surroundings, especially the French countryside. Hassan is taken under the wing of Madam Mallory who realises he has real talent with food, however she also happens to be his fathers arch-enemy! Although I am glad I read the book first, I am desperate to see the film adaptation, starting Helen Mirren and produced by Steven Spielberg. It will be interesting to see if anything major changes in the storyline, but you can view the trailer here

Rosie Blake – How to get a (love) Life

I think I downloaded this on a free or 99p kindle offer, and although I finished it, I found it a struggle. I thought the concept was good (but a bit cheesy) but the book itself just didn’t do it for me, and I can’t even put my finger on why.  There were also 2 continuity issues (drove to the cinema but got the bus home… and something else that I know can’t remember) which always irritates me. The author has won some short story awards so I expected more really, hopefully her next book will be better!

 Mink Elliot – A Mother Dimension (via the Bahlsen Book Club, and enjoyed with some delicious biscuits)

A brilliantly amusing read! After reading the blurb I was a little dubious that this would be a bit of a daft book but I actually really enjoyed it! Mink Elliot was inspired by the pre-baby lives of her friends, and lets face it, I imagine most mamas occasionally think about the ‘good old days’.  A Mother Dimension is a time travelling comedy novel (I know, I know, but really, it was GOOD!) full of nods to the 90’s, which I appreciated although I was a tad younger than Kate was in 96! Kate finds herself back in her pre baby body and pre baby lifestyle after an electrical storm wreaks havoc. Implausible yes, but actually written in a way that somehow makes it completely believable! There are love-to-hate characters, and times when you are willing the thing that is about to happen to not happen! I know need to read the other books by Mink Elliot, mainly because one is called The pis**d off Parents Club!


 What have you been reading recently? please do leave any links to reviews below for me to check out, I’m off on holiday in a month or so and need some suggestions! And if you read the John Green books, do you agree with me?



3 thoughts on “Recent reads: July & August

  1. I saw the trailer for the 100 foot journey last night, and thought it looked pretty good- although based on your review I think I might have to read the book first! xxx

  2. I’ve been putting off reading The fault in our stars after discovering the exact same thing when I read Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska far too close together a few months ago. They are practically the same book! I do usually enjoy YA fiction but found the whole unattainable missing girl similarities kind of annoying. Anyway, recently I’ve really enjoyed All the light we cannot see and the One plus one (by Jojo Moyes). I’d definitely recommend them both.

  3. I didn’t particularly rate TFIOS or An Abundance of Katherines, but I LOVE Looking For Alaska. I think it is a case of teenage love stories getting a bit old now! Recently finished ‘We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves’ by Karen Joy Fowler. It was an interesting concept, a nice holiday read!

    Great post, will give ‘A Mother Dimension’ a try next i think!
    // The Dress Diaries

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