Renting around the Country

I mentioned in last week’s Stuff on a Sunday post that we’ve started looking for a mortgage, our first one. I’ve been a renter since I moved out of home in my teens, although I actually lived rent free for a while in the pub where I worked for a bit, and didn’t realise how good I had it!

House prices on the South Coast are notoriously high, and rental rates follow suite too. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve searched for rental property up North and been gobsmacked with how much more your money will get you the further up you go! We’re lucky that we rent privately from someone we know and trust, so nasty surprises or waiting forever to get things fixed!

The info graphic below has some interesting stats and figures in about renting around the country:


This post was written in conjunction with Homelet, all words and opinions my own.

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