Review: Deskcise Pro v9

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I’ve worked from home for years now, but as I don’t keep to normal office hours when my husband got the ‘work from home’ orders back in 2020 I gave up my desk to him as he needed two screens. Then last year we moved house, he set up in an office and I installed my desk into an alcove of our bedroom and have never once used it, preferring the comfort of the sofa and a footstool instead. However, as my chiropractor can confirm, sitting slouched over a laptop on the sofa is not great for my body. It is also a probable contributor to my Carpel Tunnel diagnosis, which affects both hands. 

From the start of the year I’ve been using the Deckcise Pro v9 from Flexispot, which combines a stationary bike with an adjustable desk top, which can be used as a standing or seated desk too. It doesn’t take up too much room, and has wheels so it can be easily moved from room to room if needed. The desktop is 58cm x 51cm so easily fits a laptop and mouse/notepad, and you can adjust the height and how close it is to your body too.

How many modes does the Deskcise Pro have?

Seated: the seat is a wide and padded cycle style seat. It isn’t as comfortable as sitting on the sofa obviously but I was surprised at how long I could stay seated comfortably. There is also the option to purchase a separate ‘wobble seat’ or a version of the Deskcise with a backrest. Height can be adjusted for a comfortable seated position.

Cycling: with wide pedals that are easy to use in slippers (hello! I do work from home!) you have eight levels of tension that are easily adjusted by a dial on the body of the bike. I tend to use levels 3-6 depending on how energetic I’m feeling. The cycling mechanism is next to silent so if you’re on a zoom call there won’t be any distracting background noise, a big bonus.

Standing: really, the use of the Deckcise as a standing desk is a byproduct of its dimensions but it does work. You’ll need to stand with your feet either side of the seat, but can lower it (or even remove it completely) for a more comfortable standing position. Of course the desktop can be lowered or raised for an ergonomic typing or writing position

Other features of the Deskcise Pro v9

A cup holder with a rubber non slip mat – this is a useful addition so that you don’t need to find space on the desktop for your water or juice. It’s easily located on the central panel next to the tension dial.

Wrist rest/pen holder – a padded wrist rest at the bottom edge of the desk top for comfortable writing, which also has an indentation to keep a pen nearby too.

Easy to assemble – attach the desktop and the seat and you’re good to go in minutes! It arrived in two large cardboard boxes but well packaged. 

Wheels on legs that slide under the body of the bike to lessen the space the bike takes up when not in use.

Height range – to suit people between 5’1″ and 6’2″. I am 5’2″ and have no issues at all with the seat on the lower setting.

Digital display – to track speed, calories, time etc. This is battery powered, but the bike itself does not need power to work, and you can use it without the digital display.

Available in white and black, and you can also purchase a version without the desk top so you can use it with a desk you already own in place of a chair.

For me this is the ideal solution to getting some exercise in whilst still getting work done. No it isn’t comparable to Peleton or any similar full spec exercise bike, but it really does perform well as a desk that keeps you moving. I probably wouldn’t be able to spend a full 9-5 style working day sat at it as I’d end up exhausted from all the peddling, but as my day is split up with school runs, lunch breaks, laundry and cleaning I only tend to do a maximum of two hours work at a time, then stop for a break to stretch my legs so for me the Deskcise is an ideal solution. It takes up less space than my bureau style desk so I’ve taken the decision to get rid of that now. I do feel the ‘burn’ in my legs the day after when I have spent a few hours peddling away, so keeping my cardio up and burning calories whilst I work is something that I’m loving, and it was especially helpful when I had to isolate at home when I tested positive for covid this month.

Deckcise Pro v9 from Flexispot is currently on offer until 10th Feb 2022. Flexispot also stocks a large range of standing desks, ergonomic desks and chairs and even kids desks.

ad|Gifted Items featured in this post were sent for inclusion in this blog post.

3 thoughts on “Review: Deskcise Pro v9

  1. What an amazing idea, I really struggle to want to go outside when the weather is miserable (which it is here for about 6 months of the year minimum) and this would be a good solution for getting some fitness in at the same time as working! How comfortable is the seat?

  2. This is one of those products that looks brilliant, but I know would end up becoming a dust collector in my house. I’d be full of good intentions but I’d never end up working as I work out LOL.

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