Review & Giveaway: Personal Planner

I reckon a good percentage of people will have ‘be more organised’ as one of their new years resolutions, so I am pleased to give someone that chance with a Personal Planner. If you win you can design one for yourself, or you can give the voucher to a friend so they can design one, or better yet design one FOR them!
Kudos to anyone who knows the author of the quote? My contact details are printed just under the stamps too in case I am daft enough to lose it!
The Personal Planner website is ridiculously easy to use and you can customise literally every aspect of your planner, from the colour of the elasticated closure to the designs along the top of each page! I chose a picture of Brighton’s beautiful shore line that I took in the summer from the top of a crane on the front cover of my planner, with a picture of Athena’s eating her foot. There are some really nice pictures and full templates on the website you could choose too. A nice feature to avoid missing important birthdays is that you can even enter in specific memorable dates to fill into your planner, which can be saved for any future orders! Considering the price of a nice diary from somewhere like paperchase will set you back around £12 I honestly think the option to customise your own diary is worth the minimal extra cost!
The paper is good quality and easy to write on with any pen (this is a biggie for me, I hate diaries with thin or scratchy paper!) You get a ruler/page-marker and a little clear wallet to keep important things in too. There are 4 sizes to choose from (I chose medium) so everyone should find a size to suite them, and you can even buy leather covers too if you wanted a really professional finish, or knew you were going to buy one every year! You can also make personalised notebooks, which would be really nice as a gift too, as you can never have enough notepads!
To win a gift card for Personal Planner (that can be redeemed for any sized planner on the website) just fill out the doobrey below! Ends 30/11.

37 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Personal Planner

  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE this!! Even if I don’t win I think I need one of these in my life!! Think I would probably have a wedding picture on the front 🙂 x

  2. such a lovely giveaway! this is something i need as i am so unorganised!
    i would put a picture of my family on for sure 🙂

    my email is twitter- @x_zoelianne_x
    thank you for the fab give away! good luck to everyone entering too 🙂 xx

  3. Oooh what a great incentive to get organised! This would defintely need a pic of my little catface Betty on the front 🙂


  4. oh man, personalised stationery goodness! i wish i could say otherwise, but i think we both know that pixel would probably make the front cover cut! far too many photos to choose from though, it would take me ages. glad you like the planner, it looks awesome 🙂 x

  5. I’d definitely use a photo of my family, because I’m abroad at the minute & miss them like crazy! My Twitter is @ChloePower_

  6. These look so handy! I don’t know what photo I would use for mine. Maybe a collage of all my favourite instagram posts. @ToastRack

  7. I’d use a picture of my family relaxing in the yorkshire dales – something to make me smile and remind myself to chillout a bit while I’m dashing about.

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