What I got Sam for our anniversary…

To celebrate our 1st anniversary I wanted to get Sam something special to remind him of our first year of marriage. It’s been a pretty good one, we had a baby and moved house so there is lots to remember, but I always wanted something to remind him of our pre-married life! (i’m lucky he has very little interest in my blog so I don’t need to worry about spoiling the surprise before Sunday!)
I wanted to get him a necklace as the one I bought him for Christmas a few years ago broke last year, so after a quick search I came up with something that is less likely to break and that I could personalise too,so I ordered him some dogtags on a chain. I can always order more tags to commemorate special events in the future (baby #2!?) I bought them from ARMYDOGTAGS and they arrived within 48 hours of ordering and you can choose the colour of the tags/chains/silencers from a huge array of colours. I plan to replace the ball chain with cord, so that it covers ‘cotton’ on the traditional list, and the next present covers paper quite nicely, as there seems to be a bit of a difference of opinion over cotton/paper being first!
Instajunction are an online print company that makes a variety of products with your instagram pictures on. If you follow me on instagram (BelleduBrighton) you’ll know I am a bit of an avid instagrammer, with over 1700 pictures already uploaded it was actually pretty tricky for me to decide what I wanted to print! In the end I chose 10 individual ‘polaroid’ prints and a small poster, which isn’t that small as it’s A3 size and fits a whopping 70 pictures on! The ordering process was simple, you allow the website access to your instagram pictures and then just choose the ones you want to use. My only niggle was that you only see a select few at a time with the most recent first, and if you click the back arrow if you missed one it returns you to the very beginning, however once I knew it did that once I was more careful! The items arrived well packed within 5 days of my order being placed, and are of good quality card too.
I personalised the polaroid with a little handwritten note on each, and the poster is pictures of Athena from birth up to 5 months, and i’m hoping Sam will find a space to clear on his office pin board to display it, unless he wants to put it up at home! I would have chosen fridge magnets if only our fridge wasn’t built in, so it doesn’t have a metal door! There is a huge choice of items including calendars, keyrings and coasters too, so something for whoever you choose to buy for! We did a calendar for our parents with our wedding photos on for last Christmas which went down really well!
If you fancy making a start on your Christmas shopping, or making something for yourself you can use the code FRIEND25CU to get a 25% discount on any orders placed on Instajunction up until the 8th December 2013, you can use it more than once too!
I purchased the dogtags myself and Instajunction kindly gave me a gift voucher to enable me to review their website and products.

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