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IMG_7574I am a bad nursery mum, I think the only thing Athena has with her name on is her backpack, and that’s because it was embroidered on especially! Nothing I send her to nursery in has her name in but it really should, including shoes! Nameit Labels sent us a pack of ‘Back to School’ name labels to help get everything named that she needs (like her water bottle!) and I am really patting myself on the back for giving both my children names starting with A, because I can use the labels for both of them, and not have to attempt to remove the labels from anything that is passed down, like lunch boxes and coats for example! 


You can choose the colour, design and font for your labels, and they come in a ziplock back ready for use. You can 30 iron on labels for clothing and 30 stick on labels for other bits and bobs. There are also some clear covers for when you use the labels in shoes too! The iron on labels comes with a backing paper to use when you apply them and they can then be washed and tumble dried as normal! There is a 100% guarantee on the labels and they’re not scratchy or rough so can be put in on labels, collars or anywhere you need to put them! My mum said ‘well things have come a long way from spending a whole weekend stitching fabric name labels into everything, wish these were around when you were at school”.


They also do a really wide range of personalised items like boot bags, pencil cases and water bottles. Athena now has her very own pencil case which she is over the moon about as she can keep all her nicer colouring pencils and pens in there away from Arlo’s grabby little hands! It has two zipped sections and the front one has a webbed insert and elasticated pen loop. The pencil case is slightly padded too so perfect for keeping colouring pencils etc safe in school bags! I would have loved a pencil case with my own name on when I was at school, filling a new pencil case with stationery was one of the highlights of a new term, and I hope that Athena will enjoy it as much as I do when she starts school next year!

You can view the full range of labels and personalised gifts on Name It Labels new website, and like them on facebook for special offers and competitions.


We were sent these items for the purpose of this review, all opinions and words are my own.

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  1. I remember my mom sewing those labels in my school clothes! This sounds like a much better idea! I’m pregnant at the moment so in a few years Ill have to remember these, makes life a bit easier eh!

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