What the kids read: Submarine convertible

13230773_10154257376117754_771220213_oI am always looking for fun ways to keep the children entertained for more than 2 minutes so I can load the dishwasher/clear the table/get dressed without someone clinging to my leg and when we offered to chance to play with the new convertible submarine from Miles Kelly I thought it could be ideal, and I was right!

13224207_10154257376192754_627083542_oThe Submarine is a cleverly designed 3-in-1 book, playmat and submarine. From it’s book format it folds out to be a long playmat or can be made into a ‘submarine’ by assembling it with the little velcro straps. Each ‘leaf’ of the book is attached to the next with material so it is very sturdy and child friendly, something I was worried about with two boisterous children! It’s been played with at least every other day for the last two weeks now and still looks as good as new! When it’s assembled I do find that the ‘windscreen’ part doesn’t stay as upright as I’d expect it to but this doesn’t bother Athene or hinder her play at all!


The story is about a shipwreck and some tropical fish, and as Athena is a bit of an octonauts fan she really loves things about underwater, and when used as a playmat there is a path to follow the submarine so she can use her own toys for some imaginative play (we’ve been using ducks from the bathroom!)


The submarine is the 11th in the series of 3-in-1 books, there are tractors, fire engines, bulldozers and princess carriages amongst the range, so something to suit every little person! You can view the full range of convertibles here.

With an rrp of £17.99 (but currently available for only £10 on their website!) I think it represents good value for money for something that can be used for 3 intended purposes and then all sorts of things on top! Athena has told me she’s in a car, a bus, a boat and even a dog house!

4 thoughts on “What the kids read: Submarine convertible

  1. I love these books! T’s gran got him the train one and I couldn’t believe the quality. It’s great.im just annoyed I couldn’t fit in it.

    I love how the book will last him through the years thanks to the transformations it takes.

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