blogging room 101There are a few things about blogging that I’d love to stick into Room 101 never to be seen again. These are things that annoy me as a blog reader…

  • The phrase “My little corner of the internet”. I’ve probably said it myself at some point years ago but whenever I read it now I cringe and roll my eyes simultaneously. I can’t even explain why it pisses me off so much but it really grinds my gears! Especially if it is prefaced by ‘welcome to’
  • People who can wax lyrical about a new makeup product for over 300 words and not include a photo of them wearing it. Or talk about a new technique for contouring/ doing their nails and not show a photo of the finished look. I hardly read beauty blogs these days anyway but when I see this I stop reading.
  • ‘About Me’ pages that are either really out of date or ‘coming soon’. Worse is not having one at all. There is nothing more frustrating than reading a post on a blog you’ve not heard of before and wanting to know more about the author only to find there’s no about page, or that they obviously have 3 kids now and only mention one on it for example.
  • Avatar/profile pics that are so old/photoshopped they don’t bear any resemblance to how the Blogger looks now. I want to be able to recognise you at an event!
  • Things that pop up or float around the screen attempting to entice me into following you on various social media accounts or signing up to your newsletter. Firstly I never sign up to newsletters as my inbox is crammed enough as it is. Secondly if I want to follow you on social media I’ll do so. I’m less likely to want to if you’re thrusting it in my face. Same goes for automated DMs on twitter. Even the ‘oh look it’s another automated DM haha, don’t you hate them?’ type ones. Not funny.
  • Bad spelling and grammar. Enough said.

What annoys you about reading blogs?

And just because I love reading about other peoples pet peeves, I tag the following bloggers to write about what they would put in Room 101 when it comes to blogging!

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11 thoughts on “Room 101: Blogging

  1. Yes. All of the above. I also find myself irritated by people referring to their blog as ‘the blog’ as if it’s the only one in the world. My blog, our blog, your blog, their blog. Not THE blog!

    1. I’ve always been torn between referring to my blog as my blog because I feel it might seem too egotistical. I’ve not considered your view until now. It’s food for thought. Thanks.

  2. Oh gosh I have a feeling my hormones will get the better of me and my list could span several blog posts haha Totally with you in yours, especially floaty social media begging and poor grammar xx

  3. You’ve just inspired me to update my about me page! Luckily it wasn’t too out of date from when I changed it along with my relaunch in Jan but there was still more I needed to add so thank you for that! x

  4. Grrr, grammar and spelling issues have to be my biggest dislike about blogging. But yes, I totally agree on the auto DMs. I reply to them telling people that I’m not the only person who hates them/unfollows people who do them, and that maybe they need to rethink. Well, at least to the newbies, the big US bloggers seem to have them a lot too, but I don’t email them.

    I’m going to add this tag to my blogger tag post because it’s a new one I’d not seen until I spotted it on Donna’s and other bloggers may like to find it too.

  5. Interesting! As a new blogger, I hadn’t thought about how annoying I could be! Luckily, I agree with all of these so hopefully won’t piss you off 😉 Bad grammar is definitely what annoys me!

  6. Ha, I immediately checked my own About page for the phrase ‘my own little corner of the internet’ and I had bloody well written it! It was a long time ago but agreed, it is rather horrid, so I removed it immediately! Thanks for the prompt 🙂

    Poor spelling and grammar are not acceptable!

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