Outfit: Rose Gold Details and my Mum-Uniform

img_0087In a bid to spend less time with my phone I’ve started wearing a watch. I was finding every time I glanced at my phone a notification caught my eye and then I looked at that, and forgot to check the time! Then the process would repeat itself and I’d never actually remember the time! So my new watch is perfect for easy time checking (and boy did I do a lot of that on Sunday, the clock change totally threw me out!) as it has a lovely big face and easy to read numbers. But what I love best about it is that it is rose gold, so goes really well with my bracelet and also the tiny rose gold band running through my wedding ring. The strap is a gorgeous autumnal bottle green that is easy enough to wear with everything and matches the face of the watch too. I really love having the date too, because that’s something I’m also often not sure of! img_0066img_0090

The ‘Stratford’ model from Henry London at Watchshop.com is a unisex model, and due to the large face (about 4cm) I think it would look just as good on a gents wrist as it does on mine! It costs £99.95 and I’ve had few compliments on it already and have only been wearing it for just over a week!

The bracelet is from a startup company called Sailbrace, and their motto is ’Anchor yourself to something special!’ which I think is a lovely sentiment. The idea is that the petite little anchor reminds you of someone special when you glance at it. Available in gold, silver and rose gold with a choice of ribbon colours these come in super cute anchor adorned packaging and would make an ideal gift for someone special to you, and bit like modern and far prettier version of the 90’s friendship bracelet! Also, just like the watch they’d suit a guy or a girl! You can order them from Sailbrace.co.uk and you’ll get 15% off if you use BelleduBrighton15 too!

I can’t remember how long it has been since I last did an outfit post! I have forgotten how to stand, where to look, everything! However I am kind of in love with this garish jumper, and haven’t stopped wearing it since I got it at the weekend! I’m fairly sure the pattern is meant to be some sort of leopard print but I wouldn’t put money on it!  It’s got a high neck which means I can get away without a scarf when it’s not too chilly and it’s not so thick that it’s too bulky under a coat. It was from F&F at Tesco, and was reduced, always a bonus! The jeans however are a big fail. You can’t tell but they are high waisted skinnies, but for some reason (maybe they’re just too big?) they kept sliding down meaning I had to do that weird surreptitious hitch as they crept ever lower… people keep telling me that high waisted jeans are perfect for hiding mum tums (and mine does need hiding!) but I think I’d prefer a bit of side bulge and not having to hitch up the waistband every five minutes! Oh, and yes I’m still wearing flip flops. I ruddy hate socks and feel so much more comfortable in Birkenstocks than boots or shoes! Skinny jeans and a baggy jumper is basically my mu uniform, easy to run around in and easy to feed Arlo in…

So, hit me up with some high waisted jeans that won’t slowly slide down, and I’ll continue the hunt!



I was sent these items as gifts and have chosen to feature them under no obligation, but they’re pretty and make me happy so I have done so!

7 thoughts on “Outfit: Rose Gold Details and my Mum-Uniform

  1. Love this outfit – they’re totally my kind of colours and your jumper looks so cosy! That bracelet is just beautiful x

  2. I need a new watch to stay off my phone too, when checking the time it’s so easy to check Facebook/twitter and instagram too. I swear I’m wasting my life!

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