Win a Scooter worth £60 with Skatehut! [ended]

I remember when I got given my first proper bike, it was a red shiny classic bike and I got it for my 8th birthday. I felt SO grown up, and had no idea as my mum had hidden it in the neighbours garden shed so I wouldn’t find it! A few years later that was replaced with a mountain bike with twisty gears on the handlebars, and I still loved riding it even when I got knocked off by a car and broke my wrist (once the cast was off, obviously!)  Nowadays, electric bikes and scooters are becoming popular. But how do electric scooters work? They work just like electric bikes do, but they are more compact and are lighter, and your journey is easier because a battery does some of the work for you!

At some point in my early teens I also discovered roller skating, and for a long time preferred ‘proper’ skates over inline skates but I think that’s because we used to go to a roller disco every few Saturday nights and you weren’t allowed inline skates there! I was always in awe of an older gent who would spend all his time in the middle of the arena doing fancy things with one leg behind his ear whilst spinning rapidly in a tight circle! The fanciest thing I could do was skate backwards I think!

Anyway, the point of my reminiscing is to introduce you to who sell pretty much any skater or bike/scooter rider could ever need! From safety equipment to storage bags and everything in between, including yo-yos and pogo sticks!  Orders over £20 are delivered for free and they offer a price match too!

So, if you have or know of a little person who would love to win a Micro Scooter from Skatehut UK then get entering below!

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Thank you to Skatehut for sponsoring this prize!

95 thoughts on “Win a Scooter worth £60 with Skatehut! [ended]

  1. I cannot remember my very first bike but I remember my dad teaching me how to ride without stabilizers by making me ride round and round our garden. I also had a budgie bike when I was little!

  2. I don’t remember what the bike looked like but I remember falling of it into a muddy and smelly ditch. Not a good memory…

  3. I don’t remember my very first bike, but when I was young I had a black and gold BMX and could do stunts on it. I was the only girl over the bike park! Great memories

  4. I had a second & hand black & white bike which was far too small for me because my parents couldn’t afford another one 🙁

  5. I don’t really remember the bike but do remember customising it with beads that went on the wheel spokes that came free with breakfast cereal!

  6. I can’t recall a make but it was pink . It was brought from Halfords brand new. I remember hassling Mum and Dad to buy me one. They agreed as long as I realised it was a Christmas and birthday present, as they didn’t have a lot of money. It was one of my favourite things being out on my bike. All my friends had bikes too.

  7. My first bike was my Dads old one! I used to ride it lopsided with my leg under the crossbar. How times have changed from when I was a kid

  8. It was a nice little blue thing with a very unique name (which I cannot remember) but it was the favourite thing I had as a child.

  9. Don’t think I have ever owned a scooter but I remember my first bike; red with a plate on the front with my name on it… so cool!!!

  10. It was pink and I still remember it being wrapped under the tree – soo obvious what it was but no less exciting!!

  11. I do not know what I had first but I do remember having a large red and cream tricycle before I went on to have bikes. I know I had scooters but do not remember much about them.

  12. I have seen a picture of me on a little tricycle, but don’t remember it. I remember having a bike that said 1970 on it, I was probably about 6 at the time and 1970 seemed a long way away.

  13. I remember my first bike was a Raleigh Apple bike, it had stabilisers, it was red and it had a white box attached to the rear to store things in!

  14. My sister is eight years older than me, and I remember one Christmas or Birthday getting her old bike. But it no longer looked like my sister’s bike. My dad had sanded it own and sprayed it light blue. I had Union Jack stickers on it. I loved that bike. 🙂

  15. i cant remember what my first bike was but I remember having a yellow chopper which I thought was the best thing ever – horrible to ride though 😀

  16. my first bike was a little yellow bike which was handed down from my older sister. i remember riding up the road and when i got to the little hill it snapped in half. i didnt go home for ages because i thought i was going to get in trouble for breaking it when id only had it a few days. a few weeks later i got a brand new bike

  17. A classic 90’s scooter which had a blue frame with red foot board and handles. It was my favourite ever Christmas present.

  18. to tell you the truth it was that long ago i cant remember x but we have just bought our grandaughter a spider man bike lol

  19. It was Lilac and had a bluebird on the side. Also had a little basket on the front but i took that off to seem ‘cooler’ lol

  20. I cannot remember having a scooter but I do remember my first bike it was red and had a box on the back and I think it had stabilisers on and the first time I rode it without them my Dad gave me a 3d piece(it was over 50 years ago!)

  21. My very first bike was a trike with big wheels and it was red & yellow. I don’t remember it but I’ve seen photos my mum has of me riding it when I was about 3

  22. I had a little red tricycle when I was really little my older bike was a brown one you could fold in half, but it got stolen out my garden when I was 9 never had one since 🙁

  23. I remember my first bike well. I couldn’t have one while we were living abroad but I had been promised one as soon as we moved back to England so I had to be patient for a couple of years. As soon as we got back, my mum got me a second hand dark blue metallic bike with white wheels. My next task was to try to learn to ride it on the pathway in my grandmas garden. I went up and down lots of times falling off in the bushes or onto the lawn repeatedly until I finally worked out how to stay upright on it! My knees got quite scraped up in the process, but the worst bit was falling off into a whole bunch of nettles !

  24. Oh gosh, I cant remember my first bike, though I know I had one, but not till I was about 11, I think it was one of those Chopper bikes, if that’s the correct name x

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