A Scrapbook of Our Lives – a new start for an old blog

Welcome to SCRAPBOOK – or ‘A Scrapbook of Our Lives’ to give it the full title. For a while now I’ve been a bit bored of Belle du Brighton – I started it way back in 2011 and I’ve changed a lot since then! I don’t actually live in Brighton any more either, I’m actually in Worthing so not too far but felt like a bit of a fraud having Brighton in the name plus I was fed up with getting emails addressed to Belle!

The main reason though that I wanted to make a change is that I want this blog to be a place full of memories for the whole family, an online Scrapbook of what we get up to; where we go and what we love (and sometimes don’t love!) It’s suddenly struck me how fast the children are growing up, and how much the insanely busy day to day lives we lead mean we don’t often commit things to memory as much as we should. That said I am also going to make a conscious effort to have some camera free days out and just enjoy being us – which we did on Sunday and it was lovely.

To the casual reader not a lot will change, it will still be a ‘lifestyle and parenting blog’ but I want to work harder on sharing the every day, the weekly goings on. I used to do weekly ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ posts but these are now going to be Scrapbook Sunday posts. I’m going to start sharing more ‘Every Day Us’ posts – the little things non-so-memorable things that I really want to remember when I am old and grey. I also want to start sharing more about ME, a lot of this will probably be in vlog form. I’ve really got into sharing snippets on Instagram stories and I’m either going to edit them into a video or start vlogging a bit. Nothing fancy, no lights or microphones just a vlog a fortnight perhaps, showing a normal day for us, or a more exciting one if we have something planned.

I also want to start sharing more about parenting, as in how we actually parent – exploring situations, ways of dealing with things and basically trying to help mould our kids in decent members of society who are outgoing, honest and nice to spend time with (no big ask!) and how we can help our kids to help shape their future, which is something especially at the forefront of my mind in light of the recent terror attack in Manchester. In fact I was going to put off launching the new blog today, but I felt like if I did then the terrorists have won in a tiny way – yet another person stopped from continuing their lives because of selfish barbaric actions.

I’ve changed all my social media accounts over to new names to match the new title so although if you were already following me you don’t need to do anything, you can find me here:


Also a HUGE thanks to lovely Carrie who created my new header and logo for me – she’s a star! You can find her here:


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