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February is finally over! Even though it’s the shortest month it always seems to drag a bit for me! I though we’d done a whole lot of nothing but actually we’ve been pretty busy really! Here’s my monthly round up of what I’ve done/read/seen etc!

personalised onecklace ring



I read seven books in February. Three of them had a definite ‘theme’ though this was accidental. The Leavers by Lisa Ko, The Mothers by Brit Bennett and A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult all took a deep dive into motherhood, the relationships between mothers and daughters, from the moment of conception onwards. The latter two do cover abortion though so something to be aware of if you don’t want to read about that. Race is also covered in these three books too, to varying degrees. I’d recommend them all though.

books i read in february

Feel free to join me on goodreads where I track all the books I read, often with reviews.


I’ve seem to have watched so much TV that I’ve now run out of things to watch and can’t decide what to start next! That and there’s too much choice! This month I’ve watched:

  • Working Moms – Netflix – Super short episodes, an amusing look at a bunch of new mums and their struggles as they go back to work.
  • Dirty John – Netflix – No spoilers but I want to bang everyone’s heads together in this programme. ALL OF THEM!
  • Abducted in Plain Sight – Netflix – no words for how brainwashed this family became.
  • Two Doors Down – BBC – Scottish, hilarious and there are four seasons to watch if you’ve not seen it before!
  • Catastrophe – C4 – Sad this has finished but I didn’t love it as much as everyone else did
  • Pure – c4 – A young woman can’t stop thinking about sex (some kind of OCD) so she moves to London and bizarrely everyone she meets become basically her best friends and it’s not realistic!
  • This is Us season 3 (till the mid season break) – I just love this so much. It’s so well done, the characters are amazing and I never want it to end!

I’m also watching New Amsterdam, Big Bang Theory, Single Parents and Speechless with Sam as and when we have time to watch TV together!

I’ve also been watching Sam and Athena playing Dragons Dawn of new Riders, on the ps4 [press copy]. Sam spends a fair amount of time playing his own games but loves to help Athena play too when they find something that’s age appropriate and this one is right up both their streets! Featuring a load of new characters but also some familiar ones (hello Toothless!) they’ve both been loving it, and Athena’s getting pretty good at working out the controls. She needs help with reading some of the captions though, but she’s getting better! Its available on PC, X box, Ps4 and Switch and is out now.


I’ve been listening to the ‘Alternative 90’s’ playlist on Spotify in the car a lot, and it has some CLASSICS on it! I’ve also been listening to The High Low podcast and a couple of episodes of All Killa no Filla podcast too. The kids are still requesting Shotgun, The Greatest Showman theme and Song 2 by Blur from Alexa on the daily!


Again, not a great deal this month. Food has been pretty plain and un-exciting really but I have started following the Weight Watchers plan again so I will be attempting to find some more fun things to make because all my go-to meals are pretty much off the scale points wise! So perhaps next month I’ll have something more exciting to share!


Well, I think the winter coats, gloves and hats have been put away for now, which I am pretty happy about! I donned my trainers for a run a couple of weeks ago but haven’t been since because I got ill the very next day and still haven’t recovered properly!

personalised onecklace ring

personalised Onecklace ring



I’ve also been wearing a gorgeous new ring that was kindly sent to me by ONecklace, who make all sorts of personalised jewellery – not just necklaces! I picked a Family Tree Ring, and personalised it with the four birth stones in my family, though you can choose up to six. I love the heart shaped tree of life, with a Garnet and an Amethyst for mine and Sam’s birthdays, then Alexandrite and Aquamarine for the children’s beneath them. I love how the ring is chunky but still delicate looking, and the size I ordered is spot on! You can view all the personalised rings they do here. I like that you can wear it either way up too, and Athena has already tried to ‘borrow’ it from me, she’s a little magpie!


And Lastly…

I’m also loving lots of woodland walks this past month, some muddier than others! Not loving washing all the muddy boots and shoes though!

Athena and Arlo February 19

I’m also really excited that the days are getting longer so hopefully we can have some afternoons at the beach after school… 


3 thoughts on “Scrapbook Loves Feb 19

  1. Always love reading your book suggestions, and I think my son would love the Dragons computer game too, he’s just started getting in to the x box but I’m always worried that games are too mature for him!

  2. Sweet ring! Going to send the link to my brother in law to see if he can get one for my sister for Mothers day as this is her first as a mum!

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