Scrapbook Loves March 2020

Well March has been a bit of a disaster hasn’t it! The buzz-words of the month are definitely ‘Social Distancing’,   ‘Lockdown’, ‘home learning’ and ‘C0ronavirus’.  It’s definitely a month that nobody will forget. As usual I tried to escape reality by sleeping more and reading more, and have been quite successful in both, and less so in teaching the children anything. They’ve been off school as all schools are closed for over two weeks now, and it should be the Easter Holidays.  Anyway, trying to retain some sense of normality here is what I read, watched  etc in March.

What I read this month

This month’s firm favourites   were ‘One of us is Lying/Next’  a two book series by Karen McManus. It’s a YA series based in an American high school,  and I can very easily seeing it  being serialised on netflix or turning into a film. Someone dies, but who is responsible… there were only four people in the room when it happened and nobody is owning up. Honestly, a very fast paced and intriguing read,  so much so that I immediately downloaded the next book to read. Another YA novel is ‘Five Feet Apart’  (fitting, right!?) but the two teens in this book have Cystic Fibrosis and must stay apart to save each others life, but then they fall in love, cheesy plot but a touchingly well written.

Expectation and The Mothers  are both books looking at the intricacies  of friendship and motherhood. I enjoyed The Mothers more, but it had a dark twist.

What I watched this month

Basically more Breaking Bad, as I am watching that with Sam. We also watched Tiger King which is amazingly bizarre but weirder still because it’s all real life!  I’m happy Friday Night Dinner is back for a new series (c4) and have also been watching Belgravia, The Problem with Maggie Cole (both itv) and The Nest – a bbc1 thriller.

What I listened to this month

Nothing of any great significance other than my children  asking me for food constantly.

What I wore this month

PJ’s, leggings and  no bra, mostly – the joys of lockdown!


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