3d dinosaur discovery puzzles

We all love jigsaw puzzles in this house,  they used to be reserved for  a post school treat or a Sunday afternoon activity  after we’d been out for the day. However as none of us are going anywhere much during these lockdown times puzzles have become more of a regular occurence in our   house these past few weeks. A great way to be screen free and to spend some quality family time together. Often the kids will be quite chatty about things happening in their lives and talk freely as they’re hands and eyes are busy!  We’ve been sent three  new Discovery Dinosaur Jigsaws to keep us busy, and we’re also giving the set away too!

Discovery 3D dinosaur jigsaw puzzles have 150 pieces and once made  give a 3d effect when you look at them which is achieved  with that ridged plastic  effect, in case you wondering – so no 3d glasses needed. The dinosaurs available Tyrannosaurus Rex,  triceratops and a velociraptor  and as Arlo is very much in a ‘dinosaur’ phase he was especially excited!

3d dinosaur discovery puzzles

The pieces are really sturdy because of the extra layer of material on top so no accidental  bending or breaking should occur, but this means the pieces have to  be placed together quite firmly – a couple of times the kids thought the piece wasn’t right but it was just that they needed to push them together a bit  more firmly.  The puzzles measure 18 x 12 inches ( or 46 x 31 cm)  so are easy to do on a table top. They also stay firmly  together when moved, so if dinner happens to be ready half way through you can easily move it to one side and carry on later!

The 3d quality of the pieces also makes it a bit trickier than your average puzzle  as depending on which angle you look at a piece means it might not look like the one you are after!

Normally the price of each Discovery 3D dinosaur jigsaw puzzles is £10.99, but right now you can purchase them at £9.99 each, or the set of three designs for £28.99 using  this link,   or use code MNDD3DP at checkout, which will also give you free postage.

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