Scrapbook Loves – November 2019

kids in animal heads

Bosh, another month has flown past and we’re on the countdown to a new decade. How crazy! Here’s my roundup of bits and bobs from the last month…


I’ve been doing some more baking, as  always happens when it’s dark and miserable  in the Winter!   So far just cupcakes and cookies but  I’d love to buy  chocolate moulds online and  experiment with chocolate and truffles!

I made a start on learning how to do ‘visible mending’  with Slow Stitch Club. The idea is that by mending your clothes  you can prolong their life,  save you money by buying new and  refresh how things look. I definitely have a long way to go until I am as neat as Skye’s  handiwork!  If you’re local keep an eye on her instagram for classes


This month I read the  seven novels below, bringing me to a total of 70 books so far.  I would definitely  recommend The Cows , and now I want to read more Dawn O’Porter. Greyhound was also really good, a sort of ‘coming of age’ novel but in only a few short days. The Penmakers Wife was well written too, a great   story of a women in the 1880’s overcoming various setbacks with a few twists too.

what i read in november

In non-fiction I have started reading   Cool That Volcano: How to Help Children Stay Calm, Manage Anger and Master Emotions  [sent for review]. This is  a  book that aims to help parents and carers understand their kids feelings, frustrations and anger including triggers.  I’m only a couple of chapters in so far but it’s really insightful and easy to understand and I’m hoping it will help Sam and I to support Arlo with his feelings , and maybe even stop the 6am stomping screeching fits we have most mornings!


I don[‘t even know where to start, I seem to have watched a tonne of  telly this past month!  I’ve watched a few Netflix festive films:   Holiday in the Wild,  A Christmas Knight and Let It Snow, – which was my favourite! I also watched Bad Moms Christmas but had seen that before.   I also watched Second Act with JLo in, which deserves its 46% of rotten tomatoes – not one I’d recommend!

TV wise we’re still cracking on with Greys, and are halfway through season 15. We’re also watching A-typical season three which is as good as the first two. I sped through The Crown season 3, and spent as long on wikipedia researching all the things that were shown  in the episodes. Boy, the Royal Family are intricate!


Jumpers and lots of them! I’ve not bought anything new this month, and have got rid of  quite a lot too!


Sam and I are considering a ‘no spend year’ next year,  with a couple of caveats  (including our NYC trip!)  and in preparation we’ve been decluttering like crazy. We still have a way to go and of course with Christmas coming up I know the house will fill up again  in a few weeks time to a certain degree. However, it was so nice to take the kids old toys and clothes to the charity shop,  and to create bit more space  about the place.

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