Toys: Wetmore Forest Monsters from John Lewis

Wetmore Forest Monsters review

Wetmore Forest is an imaginary rainforest in the Pacific Northwest and it’s the home of   six monsters, each with their own personalities and looks! They’re now available from John Lewis,   and creatures include plush cuddly toys, story books and Funko Pop! characters.

Although they’re called monsters they’re actually very loveable and quite cute too! Here’s an intro to the gang…


Picklez has energy to burn and a gift for lightening up a serious mood. This green, long-eared rascal loves nothing more than a little good-hearted mischief. Extremely speedy and smart as a whip.


Butterhorn is a gentle monster who always sees the best in everyone. Easily excitable, she loves an adventure. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, you can usually find her hanging out with her best friend Snuggletooth.

Chester McFreckle

Chester loves to solve a problem. He has a seemingly bottomless curiosity and a habit of taking things apart and then putting them back together again!


Snuggletooth is a natural leader. Brave and determined and fiercely protective of all those who are close to her. She is a true friend – honest, trustworthy and dependable.


Tumblebee sees the world through the innocent eyes of a child – marvelling at simple beauty. He is strong and loyal and generous with hugs.


Being the smallest member of the group, some of the other monsters feel a certain protectiveness toward Bugsy. A keen-eyed explorer and joyful observer, Bugsy is always eager to help out in whatever way he can.

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You can collect a large or a small version of the cuddly toys, this is Tumblebee – he’s a gorgeous ball of fluffy monster, with a cheeky tongue and long arms perfect for cuddling!

Wetmore Forest Monsters review

Picklez is a one of the vinyl collectible  figures available, each coming in a display box with more information about them in it.  You can find out a little more about Picklez in this video…

Wetmore Forest Monsters review

Plus there are currently three books, but the range will be expanding  soon with games, puzzles and more characters joining the original gang.

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