Sell Your Home Quickly and Easily With These Tips

If you want to sell your home successfully and as quickly as possible, there is one thing you must remember: always think in the same way that your prospective buyers will.

It would be useful if you addressed any obvious issues right away, such as damp in the home or pests around the house.  Examine any broken window frames and fences as well, and make sure that the roof is in perfect condition – look at roof cleaning to be sure. Here, we look at some other tips to make the house selling process quick and easy.

#1 Give the walls a fresh lick of paint

It is simple and fairly cheap, the house will appear newer and more looked after, and buyers will feel more at ease that you have kept things in good condition. Stick to neutral colours – think of it as a blank canvas, so that new buyers can imagine putting their own imprint on things.

#2 Fix the niggling little issues

The squeaky cupboard door or the dripping tap. The chances are that you have grown accustomed to it, but in the mind of the public, they project a negative image. The good thing is that they are often easy and cheap to sort out, so do it. 

#3 Make sure it is sparkling clean

If you do one thing, do this. Hire a professional cleaner to do a deep clean, if necessary. Mop hard floors, shampoo carpets, wipe down all surfaces, make sure the windows are sparkling. Do not forget little things like the mailbox, door handles and around light switches – they do not seem like a big deal but believe us, if they are grimy, prospective buyers will take note.

#4 Remove your clutter

Of course, you love all the photos of your family and that collection of knick-knacks. The problem is, your prospective buyers probably don’t agree. They want to see lots of clear space so they can mentally visualize their photos and bits and pieces in place. By packing your stuff away it will save you a job when it comes to moving anyway, but also may be the difference between selling your house and not selling. 

#5 Walk around your house as if you were a buyer

Once you think that your house is set up perfectly for a sale, go outside and approach it as if you were a prospective buyer. What impressions do you get of the house from the road? Walk around the house and outdoor space and try to see what the buyer would see – and go from there. 

#6 Does your house smell fresh and clean?

After living in our own house, we become nose blind, which means we cannot notice the same smells someone else would. It is particularly important to think about this if you have pets or have smoked inside the house at any point. Avoid air fresheners, will usually just create an extra layer of smell. Instead, open windows wide to let fresh air in and have a pot of coffee on the go.

This is a collaborative post. 

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