Shine bright on Mothers Day


I can almost guarantee that I’ll not be woken up with flowers, tea in bed and a bunch of flowers this Mother’s Day as Sam will be on a ski slope somewhere near Ben Nevis and I’ll be in Norfolk with his family. This is fine with me really as we don’t really go in for special days preferring to show each other we’re appreciated on any day we choose. However I do like that there is a special day for families to reflect on how much their mum means to them and getting a gift is a lovely treat too.

Brilliant Inc asked if they could great me to a mothers Day present this year and who was I to say no? A couple of days later a really beautiful necklace and earrings set arrived in a gift box and I’m over the moon! Plus it means I get a Mothers Day present!


I’ve not worn much jewellery since Arlo arrived so wasn’t sure if he’d still be plucking and yanking at things but apart from a couple of gentle tugs he actually seems to have got over the yanking obsession. Athena loves the earrings and keeps moving my hair back behind my ears to see them and telling me they are shining, hence the title of this blog post!

Available in a range of cuts (princess, diamond and classic etc) and stone sizes I think there would definitely be something to suit everybody’s tastes, and because these diamonds are non-mined they’re affordable too at a fraction of the cost a mined diamond would be!

The Princess cut earrings and necklace gift set that I was sent is really lovely, arriving in a gift box with a bow. The pendant is on a dainty chain that sits at just the right place at my neck. Brilliant Inc sells online via their website but also has a luxury boutique in Chelsea, London. You can pop in there to have your jewellery polished for free at any time too, which is a lovely touch. Stocking a real variety of lovely pieces, including rings, bracelets and even some lovely rose gold items too.

I was going to save these for a special occasion, but I’ve actually been wearing them since I put them on and feel a lot more ‘complete’ with jewellery on and when I catch sight of them in the mirror the sparkle makes me smile!

So if you’re a mum reading you might want to drop a few subtle hints to your other half, or just borrow his bank card!

Brilliant Inc are on facebook & twitter, make sure to follow them for latest news, new lines and discounts!

I was sent a gift set for the purpose of this blog post, all opinions and words are my own

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  1. Hello, just popping over from the SoFab hub to say hi! I love this post, it’s such a beautiful jewellery set! If I get anything like this for Mother’s day I will be happy!

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