Stuff on a Sunday 53


Happy Mothers day, if you’re a mama! I am up in Norfolk having a little break. We’re staying with Sam’s mum seeing as he is gallivanting round Scotland doing ‘wild camping’ and snowboarding. Hopefully he’ll return in one piece! 

We are taking it as easy as possible, poor Athena seems to have been in the wars a bit recently. She got knocked over in town last week and this week just gone she had a nasty tumble at a playgroup and then got smacked in the head when the wind caught the car door and blew it back into her! She’s a right little trooper but both she and I definitely needed a little break. I needed a break before packing the house up to move, because we FINALLY completed our purchase!


On Monday we had a little family day out in Eastbourne (we were delivering the Xplory that I sold on ebay to its new owner) and stopped off at Beachy Head on the way home! It’s so picturesque there, and Athena definitely doesn’t have a fear of heights yet. She wanted to get so close to the edge it made is nervous, but we did spot the lighthouse! I also put our Phil n Teds double on a facebook free page and someone who I used to go to school asked for it for her childminding business so I’m really please someone will actually use it, I think we only ever did about four times! So now i’m down to just 2 buggies, less to move house with!


I was also really pleased this week that two separate friends called on me for advice for them/their family about slings. I absolutely love talking slings and helping mums find one that means they can ‘wear all the babies‘!

I was at work from 6.45 till 3pm on Thursday then drove right up to Norfolk from there, boy was I tired! The first half of the journey was ace, both asleep in the back. Then we stopped at a Little Chef that hadn’t been refurbished since the 70s and it all went wrong from there. Arlo screaming so I had to pull over and feed him, he stopped for a while but then started up again and then Athena was sick. Trying to clear up a toddler next to the road in the cold and dark whilst feeding a hungry and angry baby in a carrier is not on the top of my ‘fun things to do’ list.


The super funky ‘Yoko Mono’ socks that Athena and I are sporting were a gift from Chatty Feet, and the couple of times we’ve worn them together has really brightened my day! ‘LOOK, mummy, same feet! face on my feet’ is what Athena exclaims. It’s a shame they don’t do them to fit Arlo (too small for his little baby feet) or Sam (he has gigantic size 15 feet) so we couldn’t be a truly matchy matchy family but two is good enough for me! They’ve got loads of different characters so take a look, definitely perfect for birthdays and presents for people who you’re just not sure what to get!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week, I have definitely enjoyed the last few days away but I am looking forward to getting the keys to our new home!

4 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday 53

  1. Oh your road trip sounds horrendous but so glad you arrived in one piece and are having a well deserved break! YAY for completing on your new place 🙂 x

  2. That does not sounds like a fun road trip! Hope you enjoy your well-deserved break 🙂

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  3. Hope you had a lovely Mother’s day and time in Norfolk, while it lasted! Here’s hoping you got more breakfast in bed than I did! I love those Chatty Feet socks, I always say to myself I’m going to get some for myself. I love Arlo’s outfit xx

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