Stressing then relaxing.

Last week was a fairly stressful one for a few reasons, our car finally gave up the ghost and we didn’t think we’d find one in time for our holiday this week,hiring one would then cut in to the money we would have to buy a new one. Sam also left my (uninsured) mobile on a car roof so it disappeared never to be seen again. Oh and I had tonsillitis. Because of all this I didn’t get a chance to pack in advance for the holiday, which stressed me out because I was convinced I was going to forget something vital.

However actually we did end up finding what we wanted car-wise (a silvery shiny Vauxhall estate… room for future kids!) & when I went into Vodafone to buy a new phone it was 30% off for some reason and came with a free Samsung gear watch thingy which I can sell for half the price the phone cost me. Hurrah! It does mean that my cat phone case from a couple of posts ago went with it, sadly, along with most of last weeks photos and 4 draft blog posts! indulgent pudding cheered me up.

We also had a nice dinner with Sam’s dad and his girlfriend who I hadn’t met till now.  On Tuesday I met up with a friend and her 6 week old twins and i’m so glad I asked her to meet up as coming to meet us was the first time she’d left the house with them on her own and she managed brilliantly! They’re just so gorgeous and tiny and Sam held one and got all teary and reminiscent.
I also had a chat with my area manager about returning to work.  After a many many months of thinking and list making I’ve finally decided that working part time would be best for us to retain some income, and whilst I try and get a freelance career off the ground working for my current company would help. I told my area manager I’d love to work part time but knew it wasn’t an option in my role as a hotel manager. He’s said he will do his best to create a part time position for me! No promises yet but it’s clear he doesn’t want to lose someone who’s worked for the company for so long (12 years plus) and I think he wants to keep me so that if any future opportunities arise when child care isn’t such an expense/necessity I can still apply. I’ll update about that when I know more but if I work 3 days at work I plan on spending a further day a week on paid freelance work in the hopes I can build that up.
So that was last week, and this week I am off on holiday in the Peak District! I wonโ€™t have time to do a โ€˜In March Iโ€ฆโ€™ post but lets just say March ended well in the end!
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5 thoughts on “Stressing then relaxing.

  1. Ah that is such good news about work- credit to you for clearly being an asset worth adapting for. Hope you all have such a lovely break, the photos look amazing xxx

  2. Sorry to hear your week didn’t start so good but that it ironed out a bit towards the end! Fingers crossed you are able to go back to work part time and put your plans in motion for freelancing! I love the look of the Peak District – I hope you have a wonderful holiday! xo

  3. Oh no! Not a good week ๐Ÿ™ I hope you’re having a lovely holiday.

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

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