Stuff on a Sunday #24

The week that was irritating at the end… so the word of the week is ‘arghhhhh’.

Sunday saw us nip in to town to return a few things and then I did a quick spin round Morrisons on my own (possibly for the last time in a while!) whilst Sam and Theo (Athenas godfather) took her to the park for a run around. Theo stayed over that evening so he and Sam had a good catch up, but I had an early night as I was feeling shattered, as ever!

Monday was playgroup and Athena spent most of it shouting “No Noooo” whenever another child tried to use whatever she was playing with… she’s going to have to get used to sharing soon! As a certain little someone fell asleep on the way home I transferred her to her cot and by some miracle she slept for almost 3 hours! So I napped too… I scheduled a couple of lovely guest posts for next week and tried to catch up with my ever bulging email inbox too as Sam was on an evening shift at work, as well as cooking a huge batch of Chilli for the freezer! Sam also got some very good work related news today which has cheered us all up!

Tuesday was a complete write off basically… I had a nice to do list but after popping into town to the post office and to get my eyebrows done I basically slept all day, so it was a good thing that Athena was at Nursery! The lady that did my eyebrows thinned them a bit much too which was annoying so I still feel like I need to pencil them in, even though she tinted them too! I got home to find that Sam made a little changing area for the new baby in our room for overnight changes, and I washed all the first size sleeping bags too! I had a little pamper session with a face mask and some body scrub at bath time and got and good chunk of my book read before sleeping again! Oh, and a lovely little parcel of baby toiletries arrived for bump from Green People, which was so sweet of them, and I wrote about what I packed in Bumps hospital bag.

Wednesday was a chilled out morning for Athena and I, our last one ever as just us two before the new baby arrives! She almost nodded off on me on the sofa, so I popped her down for a nap and did a bit more tidying. My mum came over after lunch to look after Athena and I walked to the hospital for my pre op meeting! The midwife doing it was completely ditsy, didn’t know what day it was or much else really… but I had blood taken and got told what time to arrive on Friday! Sam and I indulged in a takeaway for dinner and watched the rest of the first season of ‘Person of Interest’ on netflix. Athena ended up in bed with us for reasons known only to her for about an hour, but she did eventually settle in her own room!

Thursday started off wet and miserable, just in time for me to walk Athena to Nursery in the downpour (oh how I wish we had a second car!) so stopped off at the bakery on the way back home for a sticky bun, because why not eh? I spent the day doing last minute things like tidying, washing, cleaning bathrooms and so on, then had a little read through of all the paperwork I’d been asked to read for the C section! No food after 10pm and I also had to take some tablets to lower my stomach acid too!

Friday was a big fat fail. We arrived at the hospital at 7am as it was meant to be baby-day, but sadly after hours and hours (7!) they came to tell me that they were too busy and too short staffed and we’d have to be re booked. The dude did look pretty ashamed to be doing it to me AGAIN (same thing happened with Athena) and this time there is even longer to wait because of the bloody weekend! I was also STARVING having not eaten since dinner the night before so by the time we got home at just after 2pm I was ravenous after 17ish hours of no food and no water after 7am. A generally crap day slightly saved by a pizza hut delivery in the evening. Harrumph, would rather have a baby.

On Saturday we met Carla for coffee, our friend and Athenas honorary godmother who was over from Germany for two days (not to see the new baby specifically but it would’ve been good timing if she had!) and then in the afternoon Sam took Athena to a birthday party of a little boy from Nursery. She seemed to enjoy herself and due to not napping in the car home as expected she then whinged and wailed all around Asda in the evening, but it did mean she went to bed at 8pm (an hour later than normal) exhausted so the clock change didn’t affect her and we even got a lay in!

And that’s all I have to say about this week…

8 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #24

  1. Oh gosh you poor thing! Having had three sections myself I know how hard it is to sit there starving, waiting and waiting. I can’t even begin to imagine how upset and frustrated you must have been x

  2. Sorry you’ve had such an ‘arrrghhhh’ week – sounds like lots of plain annoying things all happening at once.

    I hope this week is better for you.

    This post has made me extremely broody so thanks for that!! Haha. 🙂

    Stopping by from #TWTWC

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Sorry to hear about your c section, it must of been so frustrating. I hope you have a much better week!

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