Stuff on a Sunday #28

I love writing these weekly recap posts, and I’m already looking forward to reading them all at the end of the year! Last Saturday where I left off was pretty crap however Sunday was a new day and was pretty good as Sundays go! Sam was working but my lovely friend Emily (one of Athenas Godmothers) came over to spend the morning at the park with a picnic. Two of her sisters came too (Hello, Leah if you’re reading!) and Joanna brought her two kids too. We spent a glorious three hours hurtling around the park, catching up and drinking tea! Athena commandeered her own pot of hummus too, scooping it out with her hands right into her mouth at one point! A long park trip resulted in a long (if late) nap for big A, so little A and I had a bed-kip too! I actually did a meal plan for the following week too!20150422_161818
A food shop and not a lot else during the day, Sam was off work (finally! I think the babies had forgotten what he looked like after him doing three super long days at work so he didn’t see them!) and we had a friend over for dinner in the evening (steak and sweet potato, Sam is enjoying this ‘healthy cooking’ lark!) and said friend is also an accountant so gave me some advice that I would probably otherwise have had to pay for, so thank you to him!

Tuesday was a super exciting post day! My new lightweight gauze wrap arrived for the summer months, A wedding invitation from Skye (roll on September!) Athenas new amber necklace to replace the one that disappeared, and a lovely restaurant gift voucher for us from three of my best pals, Catty, Zoe & Mary (who I met through blogging, though none of them are actually blogging right now) for us to go out and have a meal as a family, what a sweet idea! Oh, and Arlo turned 3 weeks old!

Sam had day off again on Wednesday, and after a lazy morning where I actually got to shower for more than 2.5 minutes because he was here to stop Athena from pestering her brother! We walked into town to do a few errands in the afternoon (thank you to Clarkes for letting me exchange a pair of shoes long past the 28 days on the receipt!) and then I had a doctors appointment at half 5, annoyingly I had been trying all Monday when they opened and again Tuesday with no luck. Sam called and got through 2nd time and I got an appointment for the same day but at a surgery 15 minutes drive away, so it’s lucky Sam was off work as I still can’t drive post C Section! The doctor took a look at my incision and said that as it was red in a few places with a popped stitch that antibiotics were probably a good idea so gave me a prescription for some.


Thursday was a lazy day, after a nice tea and cake with Sophie and her daughter at a local cafe I picked up my prescription and came home to watch the latest two episodes of Nashville in bed with Arlo and a packet if biscuits (cheers Soph!) I did however go and collect Athena from Nursery on foot (with Arlo!) for the first time. Normally I take the buggy so I can keep her in one place but she walked all the way home without demanding to be picked up half way!

Friday was another lazy morning, with a trip to the post office in the afternoon with my mum, with a tea and cake stop afterwards, ,where Athena devoured a ‘Gingerbread person’ (according to the cafe anyway!) and also a few sugar cubes from the jar on the table, ooops! I had the crappest (literally) of bedtimes as I was on my own again, and Athena managed to do a sneaky poop without me realising/smelling it and then stuck her hand down the back of her nappy… I don’t need to go on do I?


Saturday was lovely, we headed to the park to meet up with Catherine (Mama vs Teacher) and Polly (Our Seaside Baby) and their boys, and although the park was a bit on the wet side as it had rained overnight it didn’t deter the little ones from hurtling around and getting muddy and wet! In fact Athena was soggier than she was dry I think, but that kid loves a puddle!) We put the bed rail up on the side of Athenas cot too, so she’s in a ‘big girl bed’! Today was also the first time we bathed Arlo and Athena together, as we were both home to do/see it together! I’m not sure I’ll attempt it on my own just yet as I don’t have two pairs of hands, but once he’s supporting his head properly it will be easier!

I’ve only used one photo from instagram this week to avoid people who follow me there getting bored… but if you don’t follow me then feel free to do so, I bloody love instagram and am attempting to accompany each photo with a bit more chat too (even though that’s not the idea but I hey, who cares!)


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6 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #28

  1. Aha, those stealth poos are buggars! Hope your scar is improving with the antibiotics and you are feeling ok. I haven’t braved putting my two in the bath together yet but I might attempt it this week!

  2. I love instagram too, I spend far too much time their! Where do you get your amber necklaces from, I would like to try one for Oliver as his Molars are really affecting him. I’m glad you have some antibiotics for your tummy. I also love how you have made so many friends through blogging, I’m quite jealous 🙂
    Have a fab week
    Becky xx

  3. Oh gosh so much cuteness. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and seeing these little babes has got me so so impatient and excited to meet my little one 🙂 x

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