Stuff on a Sunday #31

A shorter than normal post from me today (hurrah! I hear you shout…) Last Sunday we piled in the car and headed off to Wales! Luckily for us around the half way point in Chippenham is where our friend Elisabeth lives so we stopped off to have lunch and a break with her! After a roast and an Oreo cheesecake dessert we headed off again arriving at a hotel in Port Talbot to spend the night before heading to Bluestone!

Our friends Amy & Kyle and their daughter Jessica joined us not long after as they’d stopped off at a Castle on the way, so we had dinner with them. Even though we ate dinner later than normal Athena was bouncing off the walls by bedtime and between her and Arlo we got very little sleep. Literally the worst night in a hotel EVER!


Monday through to Friday we were happily whiling away our days at Bluestone there will be a post coming all about that soon. Arlo was 6 weeks old on Tuesday, and had his first taste of swimming too!

After checking out of our lodge on Friday we headed out of Wales for home, stopping off at Sam’s aunts near Winchester as they’d not met Arlo yet. Athena spent some time running around their garden and playing with some vintage Fisher Price toys (the cooker, the cash register and the shape sorter, if anyone remembers them!?) and we arrived home late that night to a few things moulding in the washing machine (whoops, should’ve emptied that!) and no food (oops again!).

On Saturday we caught up with Game of Thrones during Big A’s nap, and then little A and I had his first swimming lesson with Water Babies, which went really well apart from me needing to give him a quick feed half way through! We spent the evening at our friends house enjoying BBQ food and watching the kids playing together. The thee families are all off on holiday skiing next January so it’s good to know they get on!

Now it’s back to normal, to piles of washing and Athena only being at Nursery one day a week instead of two! Boo….

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  1. Ah 6 weeks already, it goes so fast doesn’t it! I’m glad you all had a lovely time at Bluestone’s!

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