Stuff on a Sunday #42


Another week when I don’t have the time or the energy to write up a proper weekly review post. Bit of a disappointing week as we had an offer accepted on a property only to have to withdraw it because our mortgage advisor is a douchebag basically. It’s a long story and I can’t be faffed to go into it but ce la vie! Clearly wasn’t meant to be!

We spent a lovely day in Hastings (read about it here should you desire, there’s a really cool practically vertical railway!) where I got looked at like I was a bit barmy for carrying both sprogs at a time. I’ve been getting really into babywearing, I should write about it more really! I have an ever growing collection of slings, eight in fact!


We’ve had a couple of sessions in the summer sandpit in town, park play dates with friends and went to the Family Fun Day on wednesday, which was great fun until it rained so we took shelter in a lovely pub with a huge big beer garden and play area for the kids, the rain didn’t pu them off one bit!

I also spent my first hours away from Arlo, six in fact! He refused a bottle as we expected he would so by the time we were reunited he was pretty glad to see my boobs! I did enjoy my time away from him though, and spent it doing a Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt and pottery painting as part of Skyes Hen do! I’m annoyed that I couldn’t make the rest of the events but babies and hen do’s don’t mix and the poor kid fed for about two and a half hours before finally falling asleep! Frustrating for me but I know in a few more short months he won’t need be so much for comfort and food and I’ll have a bit more freedom.


8 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #42

  1. Sorry to hear about the house, we lost a house we loved and were gutted but it’s true that everything happens for a reason!
    I would love a Tula toddler carrier, but don’t know if I can justify the cost at the moment. I would love to read about your slings. Sorry you missed out the meal but I’m glad you got to enjoy some of the hen do, it sounds fab!
    Hope you have a good week,
    Becky xx

  2. I remember feeling a bit trapped when Oliver was tiny and I could never leave him because he HATED bottles, but already I’m seeing that he’ll start needing me (slash my boobs) less and less and eventually I’ll miss it all, haha. I also love seeing you wearing both babies – impressive! My husband is a twin and my mil has some awesome pictures of her wearing both babies. I have 3 carrier things, but 2 are structured (one is homemade) and I’m definitely going to invest in some kind of sling/wrap next time, because I’d love that in the early days. Right now I wear Oliver on my back and he LOVES it – he’ll stay there happily for hours, even when he’d be wriggling out of my arms if I was trying to carry him.

  3. Buying and selling is so stressful. We did it twice in about 18 months and where we are now is not the forever home, so I know we’ll have to do it again. Hope things start looking up in that area. xx


  4. His little face in the last photo, he’s such a cutie!! I’m glad you enjoyed your baby free time and managed to get away if only for a few hours x

  5. Ugh I’m sorry to hear about your mortgage woes, what a ballache. I hope in the end it means that you’ll find something even better. And I LOVE your double-kiddy wearing, I’d love to think that if I had children I’d be a sling user too. Glad you managed to get a bit of you-time X #TWTWC

  6. How annoying about the house! Looking for somewhere then doing all the paperwork can be a real stress but fingers crossed it all works out and you find something soon. Glad you had fun on your day out. I can imagine how happy Arlo was to see you. A feed for two and a half hours? Hope you treated yourself to a large pack of chocolate biscuits after that! 🙂 xx

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