Stuff on a Sunday 59 – Pizza and Me & Mine


The last time I did a Stuff on a Sunday post was about a month ago I reckon, and for some reason I’ve not had the time to write weekly updates. Well, I know the reason; lack of sleep and addiction to Stranger Things on Netflix. Anyway I thought I’d do a monthly round up post and our Me and Mine for August a few days early this month and kill two blog posts with one stone, as it were!


This month has been busy without really achieving anything major if that makes any sense? We’ve had a couple of lazy PJ days to try and get over various ailments and re-charge our batteries a bit, but we’ve also had some lovely days out: West Dean Gardens where my mum took us for her birthday (which was a gorgeous setting for this months Siblings post) and a day in London on the South Bank and a river boat tour. We’ve spent a heck of a lot of time at the beach as its somewhere both kids are happy for hours, and had a few boring appointments. I’ve been picking up a few extra shifts at work which has meant we’ve not had a great deal of family time all together this month really, though we are currently camping in the New Forest




Although I’ve missed spending time as a family unit I have also been really craving some me time this month. A chance to have adult conversations and not be worrying about which direction the kids are running in. I finally got that time last week and spent a gloriously chilled evening at MOD Pizza in Brighton Marina, they opened a couple of weeks ago and I was invited along with a few other lovely blogging girls for a night of amazing pizza, bottomless iced tea and gloriously thick milkshakes. The way Mod Pizza operates is like a perfectly oiled machine, you take a seat, drool over the menu and spend forever deciding the exact combination of toppings, then head up to the counter and let them know what you want, they write it on a fancy bit of parchment, then make it and bake it right in front of you! Well, you don’t have to watch it, but we did. Whilst you wait you can help yourself to bottomless soft drinks, but beers are available from the counter. Any 11″ pizza with any combination of toppings is just £7.47. Yep, it is that much of a bargain! There are some suggested pizzas (names after the founders kids, how cool!) but you can literally have whatever you fancy! I had a ‘Caspian’ but changed it about so ended up with Bbq base topped with chicken, mozzarella, onion, bacon, spinach and chick peas. It was truly the best pizza I ever remember eating, and I’m not just saying it because I didn’t have to pay for it. I am already looking forward to going back, I took a menu home to show Sam and he has worked out exactly what he wants already! Oh! And the cinnamon strips and milk chocolate and mint milkshake was thick and amazing and I couldn’t actually finish it despite my best intentions! Oh, and every diner gets a sticker that they can write their name on and whack on one of the pillars in the restaurant, so there is a ‘Belle du Brighton’ somewhere in there!


Our favourite things this month have been:

Me – Reading more and more, Sometimes my brain just isn’t energetic enough to write so I’ve taken to reading. I signed up to the Kindle unlimited plan so I can download up to 10 books at once, and amazingly some of them have free audio narration too which is perfect for my walks to work or as I go to sleep. I’ve also been attempting to eat more healthily and have cut down on the sweet treats majorly this month!

Athena – Is loving kids netflix, Bo on the Go and Pocoyo are on all the time, and she’s recently come up with an imaginary friend called Leo the Lion (but she’s a girl!) which is sweet and a little alarming in equal proportions.

Arlo – is starting to get a better appetite, which is making meal times a lot easier although both he and Athena still have a very limited list of things they’ll eat! He has also become a mountain goat and will climb anything and everything he can find, with no thought for safety of course!

We’re heading camping to the New Forest this weekend (i’m writing this post on Friday afternoon before I head to work) and lots of rain is forecast so wish us luck!




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