Stuff on a Sunday – Colds, Croup & Working

This week has been non stop. Sam did a couple of ‘AFD’ shifts at work (which in hospitality speak means ‘all f*cking day’ 7am – 11pm) and stayed over too to save time driving home cutting into his sleeping time. That of course meant that I had a week of all bedtimes, which would be fine if both kids went to bed easily, but Arlo doesn’t. It can take him up to two hours to get to sleep, and I normally end up falling asleep at the same time and then waking up groggy and taking a while to wake up again to start getting on with work in the evenings! In his defence this week he’s been pretty ill, a bad cold, some new teeth coming in at the back and also croup. Poor Kid.

Athena had a friend from preschool over on Thursday after school which kept her happy but poor Arlo wanted to play but they didn’t want to include him as much! Thursdays are always a long day for me as I’m up at half five to walk to work for 6.45 then after work rush to pick Athena up from preschool so Sam can get to work. However it’s half term next week and we’re off to Norfolk to stay with Sams mum, after I’ve had a little spa break on Monday! Hurrah! I also worked today (in fact I am there now as I wrote this last night) and yesterday as it’s busy and people are on holiday… and I’m helping out with a new client on top of my normal ones, plus an unusually busy blogging week. Oh, and I’ve got one of those stinky colds that mean one nostril is constantly dripping at all times. Pleasant eh?

So onto this weeks #LittleLoves:


I finished Silent Child by Sarah Denzil (which is free on Kindle Unlimited) which was surprisingly impressive. It was the sort of book that I really didn’t want to put down, it’s set in Yorkshire and follows the story of a pregnant mum whose 16 year old son reappears after being missing (presumed dead) for ten years. It was slightly predictable at times but the story was woven well and kept me on my toes.


I caught up with The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, and finished Santa Clarita Diet (SO BLOODY BRILLIANT) and also watched Moorside on BBC, which was really well acted I thought! Sheridan Smith is always a good actress though, and the whole thing still leaves me wondering what sort of mum would let her kid be kidnapped to try and get some money, hwo did she think it would work!?


We’ve been listening to a lot of System of a Down recently, no idea why! Oh, I also hear ‘Tatu – All the things she said’ on the radio this week… that brought back sixth form college memories!


Erm, a Sausage casserole is about the most exciting thing I’ve made this week


Nothing exciting at all. I bought some new jeggings from Dorothy Perkins (so middle aged!) but haven’t worn them yet!


I am so looking forward to this week, a spa break with Donna and some family and friends time in Norfolk! Huzzah! Also when I get in from work I’ll add my favourite four #5MinutesPeace images from the last fortnight, but it’s up on my instagram already!

edit: Here we go, this weeks #5MinutesPeace

5 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday – Colds, Croup & Working

  1. I love the idea of five minutes of peace. That’s awesome. I am not sure I get two minutes but what a great thing to document and cherish. Lovely idea. I love a good kindle freebie glad it turned out to be a good one too. Hope you are having a great weekend. #littleloves

  2. Ah man……I’m totally singing “All the things she said” now! I hear you on the kids thing too – my two year old also struggles getting to sleep and we need to lie in with her….staying awake is so HARD and some days near on impossible! #littleloves

  3. System of a Down! I used to listen to them loads back in the day, my husband occasionally puts them on in the car much to our girls’ annoyance!
    I love your hashtag, I’m adding it to my list so I remember to join in. x

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