Style: Autumn Colours & Textures

The seasons are changing once again, and although summer has been a great time for you to show off your style, it’s now time for the earthy color and textures to once again reign supreme. Autumn is a very curious subject for fashion obsessed individuals because it’s not quite as harsh as winter, whereby you wrap up warm, but it’s not warm enough to wear thinner layers like spring or summer. It’s a leap too far for some people, but if you’ve got the imagination to play with the different textures that are both functional and practical to wear in the rain and hail, it’s a welcome playground. The contrasting styles of this season allow you to be somewhat free with how you dress because there are those times when the sun is out, but there’s a slightly chilly breeze. The world itself is now, full of color, so you have something to bounce off of, and both options to blend in or stand out. The autumn outfit should have some items that crop up to fit your style.

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Long and short scarfs

Unlike the dominant colors of scarves in winter, such as red, black and grey, with autumn, you’re welcome to venture out a little and explore different colors. It’s not so far-fetched to wear scarves that are vibrant colors, and if you live in the city, it’s viable to wear bright oranges, greens and blues to your heart’s content. However, if you’re a suburban mom, you’re likely to be surrounded by parks with many trees, which have shed their leaves. The colors you’ll be contrasting or perhaps blending with should be the commonplace, dark oranges, earthy red and yellows. Woollen scarves belong for the winter chill, so for this season, you could wear a 2 to 3-feet long cotton item that you can wear loosely or wrap tightly just the same.


Accessories that combine

The entire purpose for accessories is that they melt into your outfit and only jump out when you’re close to someone where they are can notice. This is where many people fall short of the mark, because wearing accessories just for the sake of it, can clutter your outfit and break up the style you were aiming for. Polished brass earrings from THE ICONIC, go splendidly well with the colors of autumn leaves, as the orangey-brown shine, glimmers in the sunlight effortlessly. The nightfall hoop earrings have a rose-toned plating that projects a sharp red and orange color while the spiral hoop earrings are gold-plated with a twisting design that absorbs and holds the sunlight for longer. Great for midday outings with the kids to the park, or walking the dog as the sun sets.

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Thicker jeans

As the warmed months fade away, you’ll need to stay warm by the clothes you wear. Rather than blue jeans, you could wear grey or dull black jeans with a faded color pattern, especially near the inner part of the seams. However, they can still be skinny jeans, as you should be able to wear knee-high leather boots to have better circulation toward your feet. It’s a great, chic look, but still, has the practical quality of keeping you cozy.


Whichever kind of style you adopt, you have to make a conscious choice to don a new style as the cold seeps into the year. You can play around with the colors as the world itself will look very vibrant with brighter colors becoming commonplace. But remember to stay in an earthy style and avoid loud tones of the spectrum, that don’t go with the shorter afternoons and evenings.


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