Style: Coordinating Your Christmas Outfit Accessories

Have you got a Christmas party coming up? Maybe you are hosting one with friends and family or you have a work event that gets hosted every year, whether you are dressing up to stay in or glamming up to head out, we have some fantastic tips for coordinating your accessories to your Christmas outfit this year.

Choosing What to Wear

Christmas outfits tend to be bright, bold colours or have plenty of sparkle and glitter, this can direct the focus of your outfit so when you’ve chosen your outfit look in the mirror and find the place your eyes naturally are drawn to. If your outfit is brightly coloured but doesn’t have much pattern or detail, you’ll find your eyes drawn more to your neckline or face, whereas a busy patterned or decorated outfit will attract the eyes to your torso.

For stylish coordination, if you find your eyes drawn to your neckline, you can wear a necklace with pendent, it doesn’t need to be over the top and gaudy, but chunky or attention-grabbing jewellery coordinates nicely with a subtle outfit. If your outfit is bright, glittery, has lots going on and immediately draws attention, you’ll want to keep jewellery plain and subtle, choosing a single precious metal to wear with no gemstones or intricate detail.

In regard to choosing the number of jewellery pieces to wear with your outfit, if you go for bright colours or lots of patterns, keep pieces to one or two, a matching necklace and watch or necklace and bracelet. If your outfit lends itself to something subtler, you can include more jewellery pieces in your appearance, necklace, bracelet and watch or a glittery matching necklace, bracelet and earrings set.

Coordinating Colours

Christmas outfits often have lots of colour and can be bright and bold, this makes it trickier to match coloured jewellery such as gold, rose gold and anything set with precious gemstones, however, works nicely when trying to pair with bright, monotone metals including silver, platinum, white gold and stainless steel. If your festive outfit opts for pastels, neutral or earthy tones, or traditional bright Christmas colours of red and green, it’s time to rock the gold! Gold, green and red are the colours of the season and pair well together, although if you are choosing to wear gold jewellery from different sets or jewellers, check that the tones of yellow look nice together. Yellow gold can come in various shades that don’t always complement each other.

If your choice of festive clothing leans towards shades of blue, warm shades of grey or dusky pink shades of nude, wearing rose gold jewellery pieces coordinate and tie into your appearance nicely. Rose gold has been made popular in recent years, especially after the introduction of rose gold finishes on gadgets and homewares and is a beautiful warm-tone metal that pairs nicely with all skin tones.

Drawing the Eye

If you want to draw attention to one part of your outfit, it’s best to pick a jewellery piece that highlights and draws focus. For example, glittery earrings that bring out the sparkle in your eyes, drawing attention to your face or a gorgeous layered necklace like those available here that draw focus to your neckline.

Bracelets and watches can be used to draw eyes to not just your arms, but your hips and torso where your arms hang naturally, coordinated with a festive belt or sash can tie your outfit together beautifully.

When it comes to dressing up for a night out or a festive celebration, it should be about having fun so get your clothes and jewellery out, put on some music and enjoy yourself putting together some coordinating outfits for the Christmas season!

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