Style: Festival Fashion for Mums

We are off to not one but TWO festivals this Summer, and I can’t wait! You’ll find us dancing around at Chilled in a Field festival for the first August Bank Holiday, and then we’ll be at The Big Feastival on the second bank holiday! I’m already planning what to pack and what to wear and feel like glitter needs to make an appearance! I’ve been scouring the internet (as it’s basically the only place I shop now) for things we can wear and there are loads of festival fashion savings at Groupon. This selection is from Pretty Little Thing, and I think they’re all things I can get away with, bearing in mind I’m in my 30’s and will have my children trailing after me, and a sequined bikini top and hot pants wouldn’t be something I’d feel comfortable in these days!! I’ve always been a bit of a hippy at heart, so I already have quite a few tie dye things in my wardrobe that don’t often get worn outside the house but these all caught my eye…

The little bumbag will be great for stuffing my phone and debit card in, plus plasters, boxes of raisins and other kid-related essentials but still let me have my hands free! The rain coat (which comes in other sizes) is just all kinds of awesome, and though I hope we don’t get rain if it does at least I’ll still be shiny and dry!

The rainbow sequin dress is just amazing, though realistically possibly a bit hot for August, but would also make a perfect Christmas dress too with tights and boots! The other two dresses are more suited to hanging about in the sunshine, dancing, strolling and eating till the wee hours, and then lugging the kids back to the tent in the trolley, and the mutli-coloured one looks like it would hide a multitude of fast-food sins!

Now onto glitter- Sam has said he’ll glittery up his beard for the occasion, so adding a bit of hair gel to the coloured glitter would work well for this I think! And the large face sequins would be perfect for me and the kids to get decorating with! I reckon with a bit of sunscreen they’d stick to our face and bodies easily!

If you’re a festival-lover what do you wear? I am fully aware that most of these outfits might require the addition of wellies at some point over the weekends!


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