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Festival fashion… okay so I’m not off to live it up in a field for four days, surviving off cider and hot dogs sadly. I am however off to Funk the Family festival which is happening of Saturday 30th at Hove Park (info is all here if you’re local!) So I’ve  been thinking about what I would wear if I was off to a ‘proper’ all weekend extravaganza… and let’s just imagine  I wouldn’t be hurtling after a toddler or needing to wear anything breastfeeding friendly!

Floaty floral dresses – A festival staple right? Although the playsuit would be for the muddier days so that nice dresses don’t end up being muddy up to the knees! Both of these are from Miss Selfridge, who generally have at least six dresses I want at any one time, plus their petites section is a bonus for shorties like me!

Layered necklaces & bracelets – I love purple so both the bracelets above from Market Cross Jewellers leapt out at me, but I’d happily wear them all year round anyway, but added to the silver bangles I already wear, they’d add a nice jangle to my (not very impressive) dance moves too! Layering necklaces is an easy way to add something different to an outfit too.

Strappy  sandals & Snazzy Wellies – Because lets face it, this is the UK and it will probably rain at some point! Low heels sandals with straps are going to be more comfortable than flip flops, in my experience people stand on the back of them in crowds and can trip you up accidentally! And floral Wellies, because they’re more exciting than plain ones!

 Bags, hats and sunglasses – Backpacks are definitely easier to cart around than shoulder bags, and let you dance hands free! Tassels and woven patterns are very in, and are pretty timeless! Sunglasses and floppy hats to avoid sunstroke are a must too! Those gorgeous cats-eye sunnies are from Topshop if you love them as much as me!

Any essentials I’ve missed?

This is a collaborative post, all words and opinions are my own.

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