Style: How to dress for work in the summer

 Dress codes for work are often quite rigid and final. However, these rules are often relaxed slightly when summer rolls around. In sweltering heats and roaring sunshine, some bosses allow their employees to adapt their attire slightly in response for comfort.

Of course, there’re also workplaces that let employees wear their own clothes anyway, so long as they use good judgement. It’s a balancing act, but so long as the clothes are appropriate then workers encounter no pushback. Can they improve things too when temperatures rise? Consequently, only one question remains; how should you dress for work in the summer? Read on to find out!

 Loose fitting clothes

If wearing formal clothes is key at your workplace, then there’s still a way to keep the heat off you despite this. Start with wearing trousers with elasticated waistbands, because hot and humid temperatures can obviously cause you to sweat and swell somewhat. When that happens, you’ll be more comfortable. You can also remove your tie and undo the top button of a white, short-sleeved shirt to let all the air through.

For a causal workplace environment, kaftans would be particularly fashionable and workplace appropriate too for women. They also come with a bevy of unique and stylish designs which is a plus too and will enable you to feel an airier breeze than trousers would. For men, polo shirts and shorts would be a good combination, because they’ll be a looser fit but also abide that smart casual aesthetic some workplaces require.

Light clothes

Light clothes will be necessary, both in terms of weight and colour. In the case of colour, it’s important to remember that blacks hold and retain heat, whereas lighter colours reflect it. Therefore, try to ensure that your ensemble is bright and uses colours in an appropriate way, and you’ll certainly be all the cooler for it!

Most of the loose-fitting clothes previously mentioned will also be light by nature, but you can pay further consideration to things like linen and cotton shirts for a fit that feels nigh on weightless. These are also soft and natural materials that aren’t manufactured, and they’ll feel great to wear and touch too because of it. Pick some up!


Quality bag

Even if you’re leaning towards a more casual approach in your workplace ensemble, a quality bag will just help tie everything together for a more complete and smarter look that’s fit for a professional environment. The leather work and office bags from Radley London will work wonders here, and just help to make you look that little bit more competent and capable.

There’s also the consideration that you can store things like, fans, ice packs, bottled water, and sun cream in these bags alongside all your work materials. Some workplaces will allow or disallow certain items, so do your research first. That said, it’s quite possible you’ll be able to take in a few cooled or cooling goods to tide you over until home time.



There’s a surprising amount of leeway where workplace summer outfits are concerned. Be sure to check dress codes or make any enquiries to work out what is or isn’t appropriate, and work from there. Loose fitting, colourful clothes are ultimately the way to go, with a quality bag that’ll make you look more professional while storing some much-needed refreshments!

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