Perfect gifts for 6 year olds

Buying gifts for kids can be hard. If you ask them what they want on a Friday it’ll be different by Saturday. Then if they see an advert on TV or catch a glimpse of your Amazon home screen then they’ll have a whole load more ideas to chuck into the mix. My six year old is very much into unicorns and fairies and all things ‘girly’ despite us ensuring that she can choose anything she likes to play with or do, she always gravitates towards the most ‘girly’ options.

The items in this gift guide are PR Samples, but as ever all words and opinions are my own – and I only accepted things that I knew kids of Athena’s age would love, some links are affiliate links.

Tattoos and sparkles are a really good way to make a little kid happy, and if you let them wear their ‘tattoo’ to school then they’ll be even happier as they can show them off to their friends. This Glitter Tattoos & Sparkly nails set comes with everything you need to create glitter tattoos with the pots of body glitter, glue and stencils included, as well as a selection of metallic transfer tattoos (these have immense staying power, we’re talking days and multiple baths if you don’t scrub them – they do come off with baby oil though) and some nail varnish and nail-spacers too.

Sometimes an experience is the ideal gift for a child, perhaps you want to plan something nice to do with them or prefer to give an experience rather than a physical gift and Red Letter Days gift-boxes are PERFECT for this. The Happy Birthday box is a great way to give the gift of choice! You get a booklet and card inside the box, detailing some of the many (over 2600 in fact) experiences to choose from, including pamper days, spa afternoons, cream teas and so much more! Athena is currently stuck between a Zoo visit and afternoon tea at a posh hotel. Each box is valid for 24 months so there is plenty of time to choose and book your experience, which can be done online.

gift guide for 6 yer olds

This set of three unicorn lunch-boxes are of course perfect for snacks, sandwiches and picnicking, but Athena has actually been keeping pretty shells from the beach in one, and all her polly pocket bits a pieces in another one! She says they are too nice for putting food in! The personalised bottle with ‘Athena was born to ride unicorns’ printed on is perfect for school, it’s sturdy as it’s made of metal and can’t get confused with anyone else’s! It comes with a sports-lid and a screw on lid with a carabiner attachment so it can be clipped to her school bag for safe keeping. It’s a generous 600ml size too.

Sticking with the Unicorn theme these fairy lights went down a treat, each one is shaped like a unicorn and with 2AA batteries they emit a soft glow. Athena has now hung them up next to all her precious cuddly toys on the shelf next to her bed and uses them as a nightlight. They’re from Melody Maison, which stocks some really unusual and interesting home-ware in lots of categories – including a wall mounted pink glittery unicorn head that I am fairly certain all little girls would love in their room!

Athena, like mot kids her age absolutely loves collectables, and the Wild Cakes are no exception. Cute little sweet foodie treat items that open up to reveal a cute and cuddly friend. There are 12 to collect in this first series with five different scents, and Athena as been lining these up next to her bed and choosing her favourite to spend the night not in their little cake-houses and in their fluffy ‘wild’ state! Wild Cats are available on Amazon

Crafty things are always a winner with Athena, and she loved it when crafts include beads and jewellery making. Add unicorns into the equation and you’ve got a winning combination! An assortment of beans, charms and fixings means you can make over ten pieces of jewellery, either following the designs in the instructions or freestyling and making up your own creations. At £9.99 this is a really good price for hours of entertainment and lots of pretty jewellery to wear or share with friends after! Available from PrezzyBox

I’m always on the lookout for arts and crafts bits and we’ve actually used Paint Sticks before, and loved them. This bumper kit includes all the usual colours and then some metallic and neon ones too! They are mess-free colouring sticks, similar in shape and size to glue sticks but not sticky! They deliver a bright splash of colour that doesn’t run like paint does and dries almost instantly! My kids love them and I’ve given them as presents in the past too, with great feed-back from parents! Available on Amazon

Hape’s 2-in-2 World Puzzle Game is now a firm favourite with Athena, and with me. It’s well made with sturdy puzzle pieces that don’t bend easily and it has a really lovely map of the world printed on it which is perfect for starting conversations about where we are, where we’ve been and the things you find in other countries. The second part is the game part, where up to four players take turns to race around the map through the different continents, learning as they go. I think this is a game that the kids will want to be playing for many years yet. Available on Amazon and other toy retailers. Another great ‘find out more about the world’ gift is a telescope, which is perfect for outdoor learning!

Family means a lot to Athena, she’s always writing little notes or drawing pictures for us so when Posterhaste asked if she might like to create her own family print on their website I thought it would go down quite well! I was right and she loved choosing how each of our family members looked, choosing their hair and their outfit colour! When the framed print arrived she was so pleased with it and even though I said she could hang it in her room she wanted it in the hallway ‘so everyone can see themselves every day’ – what a cutie! Posterhaste do a few different types of personalised pictures, including maps, co ordinates, and star maps all in different styles, colours and shapes – suitable to give as gifts for people of all ages, including weddings!

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas if you’e got a sixth birthday coming up for someone special!

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