Style: Your updated wardrobe for the Autumn Season

Away with your gossamer thin dresses and flower patterns! Be gone with your wicker hats and stylish sunglasses! Banish your Jesus sandals and your bright colours! As Game of Thrones didn’t say, autumn is coming – so it’s time to sort out your wardrobe. We often think of autumn as the awkward child of the seasons, not quite as chilly as winter but not blisteringly warm like summer. That’s why our clothing choices will help you enjoy the best of both worlds.

So take a peek at our fashion tips and get a new look before the first leaves fall…

Party time

Guy Fawkes Night, Halloween – we’ll take any excuse to party when the weather gets chillier. While you might think you have to observe certain dress codes at these events, you can never go wrong with a sassy cocktail dress. Cocktail dresses are the latest trend to come back into fashion this year, and we don’t see that fad disappearing any time soon. To ensure you stay warm during your #BNOs, we recommend complementing your dress with a long floor sweeping coat. You’ll be the best dressed person at any fireworks display!

Out and about

Whether you’re on a countryside ramble or wandering the streets on a city break, one thing’s certain – wrapping up warm is a must. Remember – layering is your friend. Thermal tights can slip easily under your dress or trousers, and a thick woollen jumper is the ideal accompaniment to a stylish coat. Things are getting chillier at this time of year, so make sure you don’t feel the freeze.

Stay muted

In dear old Blighty, you can expect sunshine to be about as frequently spotted as unicorns this season. We’re stuck with dreary dank weather, so it’s time to ditch any bright colours from your wardrobe. This is the season to go for muted colours, mixing them with the occasional splash of orange. Choose a darker palette and you won’t look like you’re on a tropical island while you wait for the tube.

Get the catwalk gloss

The catwalks are always home to the strange and wonderful end of the sartorial spectrum – but one idea in particular has impressed us. This year Calvin Klein has been making waves by coating all their fashion show clothing with plastic. Think of the advantages that could have for us Brits! Never again will our clothes be drenched, remaining soggy for days afterwards! It’s a development we’re very excited about – fingers crossed we’ll be seeing it on the high street very soon.

Do you have any sartorial suggestions for the leafiest of seasons? Then let us know in the comments below!


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