#NoDullDays with Bassetts Multivitamins

Despite wanting to hibernate this half term we’ve managed to get out and about quite a lot! My kids aren’t the sort of kids that are happy to sit on the sofa all day (though I often wish they were!) but instead they’re active little things who need to be exercised daily! Our week started with a day trip to Drusillas Zoo with a lot of slightly soggy animal spotting, and it will end with a day at Beaulieu Motor Musuem, with more time spent outside with friends but not a lot of sun so far!

This time of year is a bit dreary, especially now that the clocks have gone back it’s dark before it’s even got light! That means on more than one day a week we’re walking home in the dark after late childminder pick ups or after school activities. What does less sun shine mean? Less Vitamin D. What does less Vitamin D mean? Less support for health bone and muscle health. Experts in the Department of Health now recommend that during autumn and winter everyone should think about taking a daily supplement containing at least 10 micrograms of Vitamin D. Now if you’re an adult and can swallow a pill then that’s all good, but there aren’t many kids that will willingly chuck a tablet down their throat so Bassetts Vitamins have made this easy with their chewy multivitamins with added vitamin D and Calcium for kids aged three to six.

Knowing that your little people are getting all the vitamins they need just from one chewy ‘sweet’ a day, though they’re NOT sweets, but my four year old calls them ‘vitamin-sweets’ and probably wouldn’t want to take them if she knew they were healthy! She’s not one for vegetables, and only eats apples and bananas out of all the fruit I offer her so she needs all the help she can get in the vitamin front! Having my kids take vitamins means there’s one less thing for me to get the parent-guilt about too! These chewy little lozenges have no added sugar, and are made with natural colours and flavours. In fact they taste like Peach & Apricot, I tried one just to see and can see why my daughter asked for another one after her first!

Bassetts multivitamins

It also means that on the days when we don’t venture far, or out at all like those two glorious days of hibernation over Christmas where we try not to leave the house at all, and stay wrapped up the good food and new toy bubble that I know that my kids have the right amount of Vitamin D and Calcium to support their growing bodies! They’re necessary for normal bone growth and development, and its important kids get the right amount otherwise rickets could start making a big comeback! At £5.50 a packet they’re available at pharmacies and the supermarkets so you can grab a box with your shop! Find out more about the Bassetts range on their website.

Bassetts wanted to make sure families can carry on enjoying life with never a dull moment whatever the weather whatever the season! That’s definitely what we’ve been doing this half term and seeing as our weekends are quickly filling up on the run up to Christmas we’ve got plans to never have a dull day at all!

Our friends at Bassetts Vitamins have also created a fab code that you can use to get £2 off one pack of NEW Bassetts 3-6 Yrs Multivitamins Peach & Apricot + Calcium 30s at Boots.com! All you need to do is sign in as normal, apply the code BASSMVS2 at the checkout and embrace #NoDullDays! You can only use the code once per transaction, and the code can only be redeemed on the first 5,000 valid claims until 23:59 on 12th November.*

*Subject to Boots T&Cs. 


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