Style: Winter Warmers for NYC

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winter warmers for NYC

I am off to New York for my birthday in January – and it seems like ages away but I’m sure it will be upon us before we know it! New York is notoriously cold in winter and often snows, with an average of around 4 degrees celsius during the day plus wind chills making it feel lower. So for that reason I need to be a little more prepared so we can actually go out and enjoy ourselves without getting frostbite and losing our fingers or toes!

It goes to say that a thick jacket is essential, and being a fan of parka style coats I found one from Superdry (in the sale!) that is fully lined with a thick shearling including the hood, which has a thick (faux) fur trim too. Paired with a long sleeved top and a thick jumper I think I’ll be okay as we plan on doing a lot walking which will keep us warm too!

Much as I’d love to get a bit dressed up in a nice dress and tights I think sticking to jeans over fleece lined leggings would be the best way forward, I find jeans from TU at sainsburys the best fit in their petite length. Some super thick socks inside boots with a sturdy sole will hopefully keep my feet warm and dry. These are from Rocket Dog – not too high and a nice rounded too for plenty of room for fluffy socks!

My problem will be hats and gloves as I just really don’t like wearing them, especially gloves as I just feel really restricted and uncomfortable – anyone get this? But I think I’m just going to have to suck it up as zero degree temperatures mean gloves are a necessity! I found this set that match the light pink jumper – if I have to wear things I don’t want to I can at least try and coordinate them I guess!

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