Sunday Scrapbook – New year, get your bum in gear!

Long time no write! It feels like forever since I’ve written a Sunday Scrapbook post and it probably has been, if I’m honest. Christmas shot by, New Year happened (in a very low key way for me, I had a bath, finished a book, and went to bed at 10 past midnight!) and now we are in 2018 and I still can’t quite get my bum in gear with anything that I meant to be doing.

Tomorrow I am heading up to the Scottish Highlands with a bunch of lovely blogger for a 3 day break and I can’t wait. I do feel guilty about leaving a potentially poorly Arlo behind, though, he started being sick overnight on Saturday and hasn’t really stopped till now (Sunday afternoon) he’s actually asleep on the sofa whilst I’m writing this so I’m hoping he stays asleep long enough for me to finish it!¬†Athena was ill all over Christmas (though thankfully not being sick!) so although she seemed to enjoy herself I’m sure she could have had more fun! For example she didn’t open any of her presents when she first saw them in the morning; she looked at them to check that Father Christmas had been and then said she was too tired and poorly to do anything so she went back to sleep for a few hours! You know your four year old is under the weather when they choose sleep over Christmas! We did have a nice time though, the kids were spoilt and the adults ate a lot of chocolate!

We spent from the 27th of December till the New Year up in Norfolk staying with Sam’s family. We all had a lovely time and really switched off and got to enjoy spending time together without distractions. For this reason I think having a whole week away from my laptop is making it harder for me to get back into the groove, and then of course I knew I was going away for another three days so just have no motivation! However we did manage to film a family blog which went up yesterday. It’s our plan to film each week from the weekend to Friday and then upload on a Saturday at some point. So you can watch that video if you fancy…


Right I’m off to attempt to pack my bag for tomorrow before Arlo wakes up from his nap, wish me luck!

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