Sunday Scrapbook – Scotland and holes in the roof

Hello! What a week, the first part shot past as I was away in Scotland on a press trip and the second half has slowly crept along… dragging out the days till the weekend. Funny how that happens eh? I always find my tolerance levels for putting up with the kid’s annoying habits are much lower when I’ve been away from them for a day or two, and they seemed to be on prime ‘annoy mummy’ behaviour this week. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I had to ask Athena to put her boots on on Friday morning, and Arlo has reached peak stubbornness, resulting in many sitting on the pavement and refusing to move episodes. Especially awesome in cold single figure temperature January. Oh, and he also seems to take great joy in dropping his toy cars down the back of the radiator and then wailing when he can’t get them out again – neither can we as the gap is so small, so now it’s like a toasty warm car graveyard.

We finally got the whole in our roof fixed too, though when they came there was a pigeon in the attic which then couldn’t get out! Thankfully it has been removed and set free, and we just need to wait a while for the soggy roof insulation to dry out, thankfully there is nothing stored in that part of the attic and we’re hoping the freeholder pulls his finger out and arranges a new roof within a few months! Once that’s done we can plaster and paint the hallways and ceilings without fear of it all falling through!

There’s a new weekly vlog up, featuring some of me in Scotland and some of Sam and the kids back home, plus an amusing pigeon in the loft incident…

Yesterday we went to Chichester for a stroll along the canal and a Nandos with friends, and I attempted to spend a £50 John Lewis voucher at the ‘at home’ store but just couldn’t find anything we wanted/needed enough to buy… what is wrong with me!? I woke up this morning (Well, was woken up by arlo at 4.30am) with swollen tonsils and him coughing all over place, so today is going to be a lazy day, the kids are ripping the paper off a bunch of crayons all over the living room floor and I am about to write a blog post about my Scottish trip (but there is a vlog up already here)

Happy Sunday!

One thought on “Sunday Scrapbook – Scotland and holes in the roof

  1. Good to read to got your roof fixed! Most likely the pigeon that was living in there took advantage of some damage that already existed to make a cosy home in your roof. Animals living in roofs also cause further damage unfortunately, as well as soiling. A broken roof is definitely not something to put off getting fixed, so it’s good to know you got it sorted.

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