Sunday Scrapbook – The New Year Slump

Oh boy am I feeling the ‘New Year Slump’. I still can’t quite get my bum in gear yet. I’ve barely worked at my desk, instead preferring to curl up with a blanket round my shoulders and a candle lit. Every time I go to the loo I read a chapter of my book… or start to clean the kitchen instead of writing a new blog post. I feel like hiring someone to smack me round the back of the head every time I get distracted! Please tell me someone else is feeling like this too? It can’t just be me?


This past week has been full of appointments; smear tests, dentists, swimming lessons, gas man visits and so on. Just really bitty and broken up… which doesn’t help! The kids have settled back into school, preschool and activities but they’re still both getting over colds and coughs that have been lingered since Christmas! There have been a few naps and a lot of tantrums so we’ve been taking it easy as much as possible, which is what January is for I think! We’ve spent our weekends with friends up till today, although Sam has actually taken the kids to a friends today and I’m having a day at home, telly in bed, tidying, a bath and then some work. Basically all things that I can’t do easily without the kids wanting to get involved or get in the way!


Sam has started up again on weight-watchers this week, so I’ve sort of joined him. We’re trying to do a lot more home cooking though we did go to McDonalds today… whoops! In my defence we needed to take the car for a good long run after the battery went flat and it coincided with dinner time! But from today onward it’s healthy eating time, although it’s my birthday this week so maybe we’ll start after that…

One of the highlights of my week though was Athena swimming a length of the pool in back stroke yesterday for the first time, and getting a chance to wear my new sunglasses, which were sent to me by MVMT to share on Instagram – but if you want to check out their sunglasses or watches you can use SCRAPBOOKLIVES15 for a $15 discount.  I always love mirrored sunglasses because people can’t tell when you’re rolling your eyes behind them! I was also sent the most beautiful multi-dial rose gold watch, it has a nude strap and I’m in love! I’ve not worn my fitbit at all since this arrived.


Anyway, I’m going to plough on with a few blog posts, I have an eco-essentials blog post to write and a Valentines gift guide with two pretty amazing giveaways coming up this week!

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  1. I’m totally struggling to get my motivation back too! It hasn’t helped that the last two Tuesdays (which is usually my main working day) have been spent killing time while our car was in the garage getting fixed. I’m hoping I might start to get back to normal a bit more this week.

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