Travel: Best Places to Party in Asia

If you like to party, you certainly won’t be disappointed with what Asia has to offer. Asia plays home to some of the most insane parties in the world. But, where will you find top DJs and crazy antics? We take a look at some of the best party venues in Asia…


Ku De Ta, Bali – Ku De Ta is located on the beach, providing a unique setting. The venue attracts a trendy crowd, with world-class champagnes, wines and cocktails for partygoers to enjoy. If you like your nights to have a touch of luxury, this is definitely the spot for you.


Club Deja Vu, Nepal – There is no denying that most people go to Nepal because they want to experience the Everest base camp trek. However, you need to celebrate after completion, right? Club Deja Vu is a great spot for this. It has two exclusive VIP rooms, a separate lounge, and 2500 seating options for those who don’t want to dance all night.


Club Ellui, Seoul – Club Ellui is a classy venue, which has a great reputation for its top-class sound system and attracting famous DJs. The club is split into three different sections – the VIP room, the black room, and the main stage. The latter area is where the DJs perform, whilst everything from hard to funky electro is played in the black room. The VIP white room plays lounge style house music.


Zouk, Singapore – Zouk is essentially four different clubs in one. You can take your pick from Velvet Underground Lounge, Velvet Underground Dance, Phuture, and Zouk. Each room plays different music and has a different vibe, which means everyone can have a good night at Zouk. The venue constantly attracts some of the best DJs from Singapore and around the world.


Ageha, Tokyo – This is actually the biggest club in Tokyo, with a capacity of 5,000. Not only does Ageha boast several chill-out areas and three dance floors, but there is an outdoor swimming pool as well. It is a must if on holiday here. Prepare for the madness to commence once you get to Ageha, as you are assured to have a night to remember.


Slim & Flix, Bangkok – There are many clubs in Bangkok, but one that stands out, in particular, is Slim & Flix. This club features two main rooms, as well as a live lounge. The ‘Slim’ room plays the latest R&B and hip-hop music, whilst the ‘Flix’ area pumps out trance and house music tracks. The live lounge tends to be dominated by Thai cover bands who play a mix of some of the most well-known chart classics.


Play Club, Hong Kong – Finally, Play Club is one of the best nightclubs in Hong Kong. This venue boasts a huge dancefloor, two DJ booths, and a champagne bar. The club is constantly attracting some of the biggest names in the world of DJing and they regularly host special nights for clubbers to enjoy. One of the standout features of the Play Club is the Rose Room. This offers a getaway from the madness of the main clubbing area.


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