Swish hotels and finally relaxing!

After a hectic weekend we finally arrived home on Monday night laden with bags, lots of christening presents people had very generously given to Athena, plus some 1st wedding anniversary cards for us. We had spent the night before in an amazing room at The Grand and I even got to enjoy it for two and a half hours in the middle of the night due to a baby who was amazingly awake, I reckon she was getting payback for the fact that she got passed around so many people at the reception we held after her Christening! I put on my fleecy PJ bottoms and a jumper and curled up on our new sofa and tucked into the lovely selection of snacks that Ryvita had sent me a couple of weeks ago! It just what we needed and a glass wine definitely helped me relax too! The flavours were strong but not overbearing (we had Sweet chilli and Cheddar with Cracked black pepper flavours) dipped into hummus and sour cream dip, whilst we flicked through the photos we took of the weekend and read all the cards people had given to us. It reminded me of the same day last year when we were opening all our Wedding presents!
IMG_0741  IMG_0731  IMG_0713
Our room at The Grand was a lovely big circular corner room with a view over the West Pier and the rest of Brighton Seafront. A huge big bed, a lovely sofa and arm chair plus a huge smart TV. We ordered room service (which was demolished before I even thought about taking a photo!) and I had an amazing soak in the bath whilst Sam flicked through endless TV channels. Athena was in a little side room (until she decided she would much rather be wide awake with me in the bed, and after 2 hours I woke Sam up so he could join in the ‘fun’)
In the morning we had a leisurely buffet breakfast in GB1, The Grand’s restaurant, with Sam’s sister and her boyfriend (raspberry pastries and perfectly cooked bacon featuring highly) and about 2 gallons of strong tea! We had a quick catch up with a couple who we love dearly who are expecting their first baby around Easter, so there was lots of baby chat as they were off to kiddicare on their way back to Norfolk! We then strolled up through the North Laines to meet some more family at a pub before they all headed off home too. I was completely exhausted by this point, it was all I could do to feed Athena a few spoons of apple mushed up with baby rice (we started weaning!) without putting my head on the table and passing out!
Below are a few photos we took once the reception was over and we’d retired to our room! I’ll do a post on the Christening and reception later on in the week!
IMG_0698 IMG_0682IMG_0597 IMG_0663 IMG_0600
IMG_0606 IMG_0593IMG_0591
Not a bad way to spend a weekend,eh?

2 thoughts on “Swish hotels and finally relaxing!

  1. Wow this room looks amazing! We’re thinking of staying there after our wedding next year….I think this just swayed the vote 🙂

    And that is one gorgeous Athena pic, shes a cutie

  2. Oh look at Athena in that dress! Want to squeeze her, she is so damn cute. So glad it all went well and that seems like a pretty lovely way to celebrate your anniversary to me! I desperately want that bath though… oh yes to the bubbles!

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