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I’ve only ever had one facial before so when I was asked if I’d like to review the new Dual Exfoliation Power Peel Treatment from Aveda at Shine I jumped at the chance, the salon is in the heart of the North Laines tucked away in a really great location a 5 minute walk from the train station. The general idea of this newly devised facial is that it is similar to having a light facial peel but without any of the intrusiveness. Its not meant to burn, sting or leave you with a red face, and uses a double exfoliation method to brighten the skin.

When I arrived I was shown into the treatment room by Lydia, who explained the treatment and ran through the questionnaire I’d filled in which covered health questions and a few about my energy levels etc. This was to help her determine the type of energy to focus on. Once I was ready and relaxed on the heated massage table (bliss!) three scents were placed gently on my forehead and I was asked to choose my favourite, which would be used in a later step. Lydia cleansed and removed all traces of my eye makeup and got to work!  I thought that as the treatment room was just tucked away at the back of a hair salon that I might hear some background noises but all I heard was the soft relaxing CD that was playing so no worries there! 

salon 4

Now I was far too relaxed to keep track of every stage but my two favourites were the warm scrub and then the cooled stones which helped to quell any redness.  A shoulder and neck massage was lovely too and I was helped to awaken properly  with a waft of lemongrass and something or other oil at the end, kind of menthol perhaps? I did ask but was clearly too zen to remember!  To my surprise there was absolutely no redness and my skin actually felt a lot smoother, noticeably so. I was advised not to exfoliate for five days but other than that I could follow my skincare routine as normal.The pores around my nose and chin looked smaller and the slight lines on my forehead were a lot less obvious too, as my skin looked plumper and noticeably brighter.


The UK is the first country in Europe to offer this Aveda treatment so if you fancy a fresher face without any intrusiveness then I’d recommend it! A week later and my skin is still softer than before with less visible pores, i’m impressed! When we bumped into one of Sam’s friends after lunch that day he complimented me on how ‘fresh’ I looked which is impressive coming from a guy, who had no idea I’d had a facial!

The great thing about Shine is that you can book over the phone or online using their booking form, perfect for when you can’t call during work hours! You can view the full list of services and treatments available here.

3 thoughts on “Review: Aveda facial at Shine

  1. I would actually like a facial even though I’m not a fan of spa days etc, I think my skin would really benefit from a decent treatment as I have beasty pores and it always looks dull in the winter. And I would love a decent massage to get rid of the tension in my shoulders and back from sitting on crappy office chairs.

    You look great in that pic by the way, brows, hair, skin – looking super polished!

    Zoe xoxo

  2. The review on Aveda facial at Shine sounds pretty good. That double exfoliation method they are using is definitely worth a try. It seems that your skin tells us that their work truly is amazing. Every girl must take their skin care products on a higher level and improve it.

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