The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Children

Extracurricular activities are hugely beneficial for a number of reasons, which is why they’re a popular option in all schools. With the many on offer in lots of different schools across the UK your child will be spoilt for choice – and it helps your child explore lots of different skills at once.

From this independent school in Surrey, we take a look at some of the biggest benefits extracurricular activities bring to their students.

Helps your child build transferable skills

A lot of extracurricular activities are designed to help children pick up other ways to learn in the classroom or in different sports. Your child has that chance to explore new areas in lots of activities, such as being a good team player, solving difficult problems, being more resilient and being a better decision maker.

Gives your child a new outlet to explore

When it comes to long hours of schoolwork a break from all that is often just what kids need. It means that your child has that opportunity to focus on something else, that’s often a lot more interactive and physical, to get their mind off things. Extracurricular activities are commonly associated with reduced stress and increased self-esteem, which is great for a child’s attention and enjoyment in school.

Helps your child find their passion

Being passionate about certain activities is a great way of finding a place to unwind and to have something that you’re clearly dedicating your time to. In having your child explore lots of different activities in school they’re much more likely to find that passion of theirs that they may well pursue in school or even outside of school. Alternatively, if your child is struggling to find something they enjoy in school it can often open the door for children to explore similar activities.

Collaborative post. Image via Unsplash