The lazy persons guide to a clean(ish) home


I’ve never been the most house proud of people as you may have noticed if you’ve ever been round for tea! I keep the place as clean as I can, and tidy every so often…  but with two small people untidying things as fast as I try it’s a bit of an endless mission! I’ve put together my tips for busy (or lazy!) people to keep on top of the house work:

Work out when is best to clean each room. For example I normally clean the kitchen on a Monday because it gets used far less for the rest of the week as Sam is at work, so by the end of the weekend it needs doing again.

Work to music or a podcast – I challenge myself to clean our kitchen in half an hour as it’s not that big, so I choose a podcast that’s about 30 minutes long and get to it, and can manage the floor, the counters, stove top and fridge seals/shelves in that time. Squirt cleaner into the microwave and the hob before you start the floor so they can work their magic on their own. Here’s a list of my favourite podcasts if you need any inspiration!

Encourage whoever you live with to share the work load! I use treats as a bribe and find Ben ‘n Jerry’s works well with my husband… he seems to enjoy hoovering and hanging washing out so they’re his main jobs.

Clean when you’re asleep One night a week squirt bleach down your toilets and leave overnight, a quick squizz round with the loo brush and flush in the morning and job done! I will also leave a sink fill of hot soapy water once a week with the washing up cloth and brush in too to disinfect them.

Give the hoover a holiday A stiff brush and dustpan will help get bits of fluff and debris up in a jiffy meaning the hoover can stay in the cupboard for a day or two longer. If you have a toddler you can make ‘picking stuff off the floor’ into a fun game, unbelievably.

Buy or find a nice decorative looking box and sweep assorted crap into during the week to keep surfaces tidy, then at the end of the week find a home for the contents or chuck it if you don’t actually need it.


Please feel free to share your time saving cleaning tips in the comments, I’m always on the lookout for more ways to be lazy clean!


One thought on “The lazy persons guide to a clean(ish) home

  1. I usually try to clean everyday for 15 minutes the places that get dirty the most. The bathroom I always clean after taking a shower and for the rest I just try not to leave mess or something for later, which doesn’t work all the time. Your routine is really nice! Thanks for sharing! I hope that my tips will be just as helpful for you! 🙂

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