8 Reasons to subscribe to kids comic The Phoenix

Athena has been getting weekly post recently in the form of The Phoenix,  which has been dropping onto the doormat addressed just to her! She’s has been really enjoying flicking through the pages of each copy and reading the comics inside.  The Phoenix is a full colour comic designed especially for kids and after a few weeks of subscribing here are our eight reasons why the kiddos in your life should have a subscription too…

phoenix comic for kids

  • No plastic tat attached to the front that will break, cause a hissy fit then end up in landfill.
  • No adverts for toys/slime/things you won’t want to buy your kids.
  • Arrives in a fun envelope addressed to the ‘fantastic Athena’ well, yours won’t say Athena of course…
  • Contains non-fiction content to get kids engaged in learning in a fun way, including ‘how to draw’ guides, story telling tips and book reviews.
  • Highly portable – easily fits in a school bag, the car seat pocket, under the pillow for night time reading…
  • Welcomes fan art, letters and hosts short story comps so kids can see their name/photos in future issues.
  • Costs less than £2 per issue (if you buy 52 copies for £99.99) which is WAY better value than the £5 plus magazines full of tat in the supermarkets (also see below for special intro offer!)
  • Parents will get just as much enjoyment out of it as kids do. Win win!

phoenix comic on a plane

The Phoenix is created by some amazing traditional comic writers/drawers in the country, including Jamie Smart.  As a parent I love that the stories often focus on science or history or real issues rather than make believe or super heroes. There are some recurring comic strips in each issue, Athena loves ‘Squid Bits’ and Arlo likes ‘Doug Slugman’, which either Sam or I read to him as he’s not reading properly yet. Although he’s a couple of years below the target audience (he’s 5 and they recommend 7+) he still loves to flick through and point things out and make up his own stories based on what’s happening in the drawings.  It was a godsend to have copies with us on our recent flight and subsequent hanging around in airports and waiting to take off!

Currently if you click the image below you can get 6 issues for £1, definitely not to be sniffed at!



phoenix comic review phoenix comic review

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