Style: Showing some skin when you’re shy

Stylish girls have a secret – they know that when it comes to dressing sexy, less is more. Yes, low necklines and high seams will turn heads, but often the attention that attracts is not of the desirable kind. Showing some skin is cool and all, but doing it in a sophisticated way is better!

Sexy dresses from unexpected sources

The sexy dress title has, for years, defaulted to the mini dress, but midi and maxi dresses are the latest addition to the stable of sexy dresses. Long gone are the days of frumpy, conservative dresses: low back and thigh slits are busy putting the modern maxi dress in a league of its own! Choose one of these if you want to show off your best assets, without feeling naked.

Modesty = mystical

If you have the body to pull it off, the mini dress can be an easy shortcut to feeling sexy. But think about the effect you want to create – is the idea to let it all hang out for whoever cares to look, or is it to create a flattering outline, in a body-boosting cut, in a colour that looks like magic?

If you can create an outfit that is simultaneously chic and casual, you have hit the jackpot. It’s not about how short the dress, or tight the jeans, but rather about how you wear them – with confidence and attitude, or with awkwardness and discomfort.

Plain denim can be dressed up to a very sexy standard by adding a great top and accessories to the outfit. A mini can add the sexy dress element, but be sure to balance it with a blazer or scarf for a polished look that doesn’t try too hard. Go for bright colors, by all means, and keep it comfortable – the idea is to enjoy what you’re wearing!

The quickest way to make a long dress sexy, is to make sure that it fits you properly. Wearing the right fit for your body will display the shape of your figure to its full potential without revealing too much. Before you start giving me hassles about being conservative, think about your goal – is it to intrigue and allure, or to come across as just something to look at?

Subtlety is king, queen!

The look that works the best for anyone, no matter what your size or shape, is one that manages to balance your personal style and bit of extra adventurousness. Blend a traditional sexy dress with a leather jacket for a bit of added edge, or pair a plain white t-shirt with really great, form-fitting jeans.

Balance more masculine outfits by adding a ruffled top or beautiful heels for a more balanced look. Above all, always make sure that you are comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you feel awkward, trust me – you WILL come across as awkward. Rather switch out what you don’t like about your outfit for something more understated, in favour of your comfort.


This is a collaborative post. Photo by Timothy Tarasov on Unsplash

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