The sound of my own horn…

Toot Toot! I’m going to blow my own horn for a bit… allow me to indulge myself in a few moments of back patting  if you will. I don’t often do it so I hope  you don’t mind!

I work hard on Belle du Brighton, but I primarily  write it for my family as a sort of online diary. I can go back to before Athena was even conceived, before we were married even. I can read about my pregnancy and birth with her, and her first months. I’ve blogged about numerous holidays and experiences too.

More recently I’ve written lots about my pregnancy  with Arlo, compared it to my first.  I’ve seen my parenting style change and I’ve documented how well Athena adapted to her new brother. I’m glad that other people like to read my blog and for that reason I was absolutely gobsmacked when I had an email last week letting me know that I was ranked in the top 10 Baby Blogs for 2015! You can view the full list here and check out my amazing Co-chartees, I’m honoured to be listed amongst them!


I also got ranked in this list of top 20 lifestyle bloggers, and loved  my little blurb too! There were a few new to me bloggers too that I’ve  added to my feed too, as well as some old favourites.

 Top 20 Lifestyle Blogger Award

For me, blogging is about memories and community, not accolades and winning blogging awards (for which I don’t really pay attention to as I tend to think they’re basically popularity contests) and it’s a place for me to write whatever I fancy, be it rant or rave!

No, for me I am happy if a few people read what I write and interact with me, even when I’m a bit absent on twitter etc as I have been lately due to being busy with Arlo! In fact some wonderful person has nominated me for a MADs award which is amazing, but that’s not just what it’s all about, for me anyway!

So thanks for reading if you got this far, and thanks for reading whenever you do drop in!

4 thoughts on “The sound of my own horn…

  1. Ah and so you should toot your own horn. Oh he’ll, I’ll toot it for you too! Your blog is lovely and it is lovely that you write for you first before the chance of an award. I’m the same, blogging the blahs of my measly little brain as and when, chuffed with the ONE comment that I receive haha!

    Keep up the spiffing writing, you are loved by a lot it seems 🙂 x

  2. That’s brilliant! I think it just goes to show that blogging about what you find interesting without worrying about what others think means that people are able to connect with you and enjoy what your writing about! I love reading your blog and can always identify with what you write about. Good on you for getting in the Top 10!!

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