I do love writing about myself (hello, why d’ya think I blog!?) so love getting tagged in these meme doobreys. Donna from Redhead Babyled tagged me so I obliged…

1) What are you wearing? Leggings and one of Sam’s T shirts. Hair is up in what was a bun once but is now more of a birds nest.
2) Ever been in love? Several times, 5 I would say.
3) Ever had a terrible breakup? Oh yes. The shortest of my 5 ‘proper’ relationships was 1.5 years. I am happy to say that I am still really good friends with 2 of my exes (Sam and I shared a flat with one once) and friendly with the others too.
4) How tall are you? Not very. 5’2.
5) How much do you weigh? about 10 stone 10 lbs. last time I checked. I have given up attempting to lose it and I am way less body conscious than I was pre baby. It’s all c section wobbly bits anyway/
6) Any tattoos? 6 – two on my feet, two on my back (one upper one lower) and both wrists.
7) Any piercings? I currently have a nose ring, 3 holes in both lobes. I used to have my belly button twice, a scaffold, a tragus, 2 more lobe piercings, my tongue and a cartilage.
8) OTP? – If this is ‘one true pairing’ then tea and biscuits.
9) Favourite Show? Too hard to choose just one! House, The Sopranos, Criminal Minds, The Killing…
10) Favourite bands? Again, so many to choose from… I prefer 60’s music really, but more modern then Biffy Clyro, Arcade Fire, Interpol, Manics, Green Day…
11) Something you miss? being able to sleep in for as much of the day as I feel like.
12) Favourite song? Mr Blue Sky – ELO. We walked out of church to it at out wedding.
13) How old are you? 30, it was my birthday in January.
14) Zodiac sign? Aquarius
15) Quality you look for in a partner? a sense of humour and someone who doesn’t mind if I fart in bed. I worked with someone who left the room to fart after NINE years of marriage and two kids!
16) Favourite Quote? A lie can travel halfway round the world, whilst the truth is still putting on its shoes – Twain
17) Favourite actor? I don’t have one, I had a think, but I really don’t!
18) Favourite colour? – Purple! always has been and always will be. Athena’s cot is purple so I hope she likes it!
19) Loud music or soft? As a reformed hardcore raver (fluffy boots and tops made of net) I like anything with a bass beat LOUD (I blew the speakers on my old car) but at home if it’s in the background then not loud. Sam calls me a noise nazi as I’m always turning his music down!
20) Where do you go when you’re sad? I don’t really let myself wallow or feel sad, so a good book in the bath keeps my mind off things.
21) How long does it take you to shower? 5 minutes ish… if I have to shave then loads longer!

22) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 10 minutes if I am not going anywhere special, more if I am! However if I have no plans to leave the house then zilch minutes as I stay in PJs.
23) Ever been in a physical fight? No, but I have hit boyfriends (not hard and in the heat of the moment, not a boyfriend beater, promise!)
24) Turn on? Hmmmmm, a sense of humour and a nice smile. (cliché!)
25) Turn off? Rudeness. Oh and dirty fingernails.
26) The reason I joined Youtube? I did ‘the best friend tag’ and have only put a few videos up since.
27) Fears? Hmm, spiders make me jumpy but that’s it. Heights, small places and the dark are all fine!
28) Last thing that made you cry? I’m not sure, I think it was probably when Athena was born, I was so happy she was a girl! I don’t do crying.
29) Last time you said you loved someone? – To Sam when he went to bed (I’m up late attempting to catch up with blog things, but will schedule this!)
30) Meaning behind your blog name? I wanted Brighton in it and I like alliteration. I am in no way French!
31) Last book you read? – The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

32) The book you’re currently reading? ‘The School Gates’ by Nicola May as a quick read & ‘Her fearful Symmetry’ by Audrey Niffenegger as something a bit heavier.
33) Last show you watched? Britain’s got Talent on catch up. Britain doesn’t actually have much talent though.
34) Last person you talked to? In person, Sam. Online then Donna!
35) The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My friend Jon, we’re arranging to meet up.
36) Favourite food? Chinese (crispy chilli beef and chow mein) or Roast Chicken with allllll of the trimmings!
37) Place you want to visit? Panama, Indonesia and San Francisco.
38) Last place you were? Mentally? Physically? Today we went to the Open Air Museum at Amberley
39) Do you have a crush? No, I’ve never gone in for fancying celebs and obviously love and fancy my own husband!
40) Last time you kissed someone? Athena. I kiss her allll the time.
41) Last time you were insulted? In person, no idea. Not as a serious insult anyway. Over email I get insulted quite a lot in an indirect way because some PR people really just take the piss.
42) Favourite flavour of sweet? rhubarb and custard

43) What instruments do you play? Flute, Tenor Sax & Piano. I also played percussion in my school orchestra so a load of bangy/scrapey things. I used to sing too.
44) Favourite piece of jewellery? My wedding ring as I designed it myself. I also have rings from both grandmas and one from Sam’s grandma (who I never met) and they’re all very special to me
45) Last sport you played? Sport? me? does Poker count?
46) Last song you sang? If you’re happy and know it clap your hands…
47) Favourite chat up line? erm…? do people really have favourites?
48) Have you ever used it? nu uh
49) Last time you hung out with anyone? – Last night I had my old housemate and my ex boyfriend over for dinner. It was lovely to just chill with them.
50) Who should answer these questions next? Okay, I would everyone who reads this to do it, because I am nosy and indecisive.

3 thoughts on “The TMI Tag

  1. I love that you did this! 🙂 Thanks! You’re an inch shorter than me but we weigh the same! And we both love purple! We’re so similar we’d probably hate eachother in real life 😉 But I don’t have any tattoos…!
    PS, do you know there’s a BIG gap under the last photo? x

  2. Great post 🙂 Love that Twain quote. We’re the same hight and have very similar taste in music. Do you like reading? If so it would be fab if you joined my book club 🙂 we discuss a new book every 6 weeks over Twitter. Let me know if you’re interested xx @bloomingboo

  3. I didn’t know you were so musically talented! I love this sorts of posts, because I’m equally nosy 🙂 Mr Blue Sky is on of my alltime favourite songs too- I used it as the alarm tone on my old phone; it was the cheeriest way to wake up, ever xxx

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