Get ready in under 15 minutes?


I am a lot less conscious of the state I am in before I head out of the door these days compared to the pre-baby me, although starting work at 6.45am for a lot of my working life meant that I did often do my makeup half asleep in the mornings. Since I am back at work in 8 weeks and will be battling with baby/nursery/trains to work etc I need to get my ‘look, i’m presentable’ skills down to a T in super quick time. Room to Grow (more about them later) sent me a little bundle of makeup and a stopwatch and asked me if I could get ready in under 15 minutes.

Always one for a challenge, I accepted!

IMG_6072 IMG_6073

This is me just out of bed (okay, and after a cup of tea) and in my PJ’s, along with some of the bits I used and the stop watch. I took photos as I went, so they are not brilliant quality as I didn’t want to waste any time!


10 minutes left: I am fully dressed! I had trouble finding a top to wear under this one and the first pair of jeans I found had dried yoghurt on them from Athena’s dinner the night before, classy. I’ve also done foundation (I use a sponge so it’s super quick)


Six and a half minutes left… I have done: eyebrows, eye shadow and mascara!


Eek! 4.5  minutes left but I’ve pinned my hair up on both sides and I think it’s more or less even!


1:59 left and i’m done! I’ve found a necklace and a pair of earrings and put lip-crayon on!


Shoes on, into the living room to find Sam to take a photo! 1:28 of my allotted time left!


Ta da! I admit this was easier than it might be in the future as Sam was around to keep Athena out of my way, but actually I am fairly impressed with how presentable I look! When I am back at work I will sort out what I’ll be wearing the night before and leave that ready so that will save me a bit of time too!


Okay, and the reason I was challenged to do this was because Room to Grow surveyed 82 mums and the average mum spent 10-15 minutes on her appearance each day, in response to an AOL survey that reckoned the average woman spend 55 minutes a day on her appearance! I’ll admit if I bothered to blow dry my hair it would add on a good 20 minutes or more, but I wash it before bed and then let it dry overnight, so none of that time consuming faff for me!

Room to Grow specialise in children’s nursery furniture, I’ve had a peruse around the website and decided that I’d love to get Athena a cabin bed with a chalkboard on it when she’s older (much, obviously!) as I always wanted a cabin bed but never had one, sadly! How awesome is this one? They also have some funky bean bag chairs in mini-sizes too!


Room to grow sent me a few items of makeup to help me on my way with the challenge, all words and opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Get ready in under 15 minutes?

  1. I’ve given up in daily makeup because I like sleep too much, haha! But if I was to do makeup, I only allot myself 15 minutes anyway.
    If you let Athena play with a makeup brush when Sam isn’t in you may buy yourself some time – aiden loves mine! 🙂 xo

  2. Impressive stuff! That lip crayon really suits you 🙂 I get ready for work in about 45 minutes- but that includes some combination of showering/washing my hair/shaving my legs, drying my hair (which seems to take forever), normally doing a few chores like putting on washing/unloading the dishwasher, and packing my bag for work. Oh, and getting dressed (my office is smart/casual, but not THAT casual). xxx

  3. Love the photos, impressive! I could get ready in 15 mins If I really tried…but I would rather just faff about aha.

    Sophie x

  4. I hate surveys like that though because they blatently ask people that they thing will take that long. I take literally 5 minutes to get ready in the morning (although that’s because I have my clothes ready and don’t wear make up to work) and I don’t think I know anyone who takes that long! xx

  5. Wow, check you out – that was speedy. I think I can get ready quite quickly if I put my mind to it, half of my morning is probably spent faffing if I’m honest! Xx

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